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  1. its good to hear that altcoin price have finally started to rice its good because altcoin are easy to exchange than bitcoin and their price will give extra money to the sellers and exchangers who hold them and it will increase coin flow in market.
  2. you should only hold a coin if it is some major coins and its price mainly remain at its peak but if it is a low oin with less price then there is low chance that its price will get any higher so you should sell it at the highest time and should get profit as much as you can.
  3. i do not find any word to explain this joy but it has no limits or boundaries, it makes me feel independent and i can do anything with my money whatever i want. it helps me to fulfill my all needs and i can even pay for my studies.
  4. ups and downs are part of every business and its just a matter of time even if today prices of bitcoin are low it will definitely rise one day and will get more profit for sellers and users. i hope that this will happen soon and we will get more profit than now.
  5. we should get in deep about every project or deal we are approaching and we should look for the more realistic deals and should read the reviews and remarks given by others. we should also seek guidance from senior users and follow their advice.
  6. i think in terms of merit and demerit every forum has its own because nothing is 100% perfect but crypto is almost accurate. the demerit in my opinion is the difficulties being faced by users these days which include transfer of money and registration mainly which should be sorted out soon.
  7. we can not bitcoin directly for use we have to convert them and exchange them to some real money and then can withdraw them from yobit account to use it further in real life. it is mostly done by converting yobit into dollar through exchange and then can convert it into any other currency.
  8. your coins will go into you yobit account as your payment and you can send them to your wallet either to save them for long intervals or for short duration then you can even get them exchanged to other currencies mostly dollar and withdraw them to use them for daily life.
  9. you are right central bank are centralized and depending on the structure of a country economic conditions it gives profit only to specific persons or a part of society and increase burden on other. while crypto do not increase economic burden on any one and elevate pressure from users.
  10. i have new used any app related to business as i an new to this whole thing and i do not understand any terms and points regarding it. but if it useful for business community i think such apps should be appreciated and encouraged for proper working and betterment of community.
  11. thank you so much for posting this as it helps users like me who have recently working here to better understand this forum and they can earn money and work here with ease. i do not know about this function so please brief me in detail so that i work with it with more comfort.
  12. i do not know about such apps as i am new to this digital market and whole system. what i know only is this forum and i only work here to earn money. think no app can be better than this forum because here work is easy and it actually pay acoording to work done by users.
  13. hi you do not need an high class English for this comment section all you have is to know enough so that you can make other understand about your opinion. i believe every one here know basic english and can improve it gradually while working here. but you can use any app for this.
  14. hi and welcome. you have made a right choice by by joining this forum so that you can earn money through this forum in different ways. you have to make 30 comments daily and can earn up to 30 k satoshi per day. you can also invest in project and get profit from it.
  15. you can definitely answer them because they will quote it mainly if they have any suggestion or query so you should reply them out of courtesy to answer their questions and clearing their doubts and giving them reviews about their suggestion whether they are good or should be neglected.
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