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  1. I entered this site just one day ago, so I don't know much about this site and about the way to make money, so I kindly ask you to provide instructions and thanks, and I think it is the best reliable site at this time.
  2. This is a great site. All members are earning but new that I still did not earn money but I gained a lot of valuable information and exchanged opinions from this site, but I think that I can earn some money in the future so I think it is a wonderful work
  3. This is exactly what I want to teach my children about the cryptocurrency, but first I have to learn and be professional in this field, and then I implant this work in all my family members.
  4. Forex trading is definitely the best opportunity and good business for everyone as you can make a lot of profits on trading. But it is not easy to work with because it is a risk that you can lose large sums, but there are some basic systems that have a demo account that everyone can benefit from for training.
  5. I am also new and I do not know how to avoid fraudsters and I do not know much about this site. All I know is that I share your opinions and learn from you and what are the fraudulent sites please
  6. I think it happens because some content may be deleted when the rules are broken or you do not have permission to see all content. Sometimes when the rules are broken. This is why we can't see some of the content.
  7. I think that there is no longer a time limit applied to the next job, and I also think that this was before because now there is no specific time for publication and we can publish our next article at any time
  8. I think this forum is very useful and useful for the people who work here, as you earn money by posting and commenting here, in addition to exchanging ideas and opinions about all currencies on the internet and gaining information about how to trade and invest. CryptoTalk is super cool and thanks
  9. To earn a good reputation, you must choose important and respectable topics or a very useful comment. And if users like what you offer, they will give you some good feedback, and that will give you an additional reputation. Your reputation will increase in rank. good luck !.
  10. I am a beginner here and don't really know what this mean account means, is it an account to earn money or what? Does anyone know about this topic? If someone knows about this, please answer
  11. I think the forum rules stipulate that you must have at least 100 characters in each post or comment. And it's not 100 words as some members claim because I noticed some people on this forum post very few words, so it doesn't seem like a problem. What is not acceptable in this area?
  12. I think that this problem is not on this site, the site is downloading very naturally for me and there is nothing wrong with it, I think the main reason is the speed of the internet in your country
  13. My personal opinion is a fun and slightly informative topic, as many people in this forum may be planted to talk about topics they do not know. If you look at my profile, you realize that I share many experiences of learning and learning that have been acquired, and this is what thes cryptotal forum is all about. Stay on top of my friend, I hope to be in this amazing forum for a long time and to share with you the best of what I learned, how I lived and how to apply it in my daily life.
  14. I don’t know why that requires it, but I think it’s because of the privacy of the application and in order to protect users from hackers and viruses
  15. I think so. Frustrations are the father and the quantity of them is a lot of pain. Due to our many benefits. And assume we are unfastened from the frustrating submit. So I would assume that he turned into launched from the irritating post. For him, they seem to had been laid off from paintings.
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