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  1. Yes, this is good news for cryptocurrency that extends the day-to-day cryptocurrency project from country to other, so I think this is great news for many people about this adventure of cryptocurrency.
  2. Yes, they say that it simply consumed by false news and return it back. They don't just think the truth, if they join they are thinking that they would think of something different from the mentioned stories.
  3. Yes, the telegraph crypto bots on my Exprience are fake F, I haven't seen a legitimate bot that doesn't let you earn anything so I stay away from all of them and don't invest in any of them.
  4. In my opinion, one of the bright decisions to teach about crypto in universities, especially as information technology, is that there is talk about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, for countries that do not yet have legal rights crypto, this plan is very difficult to implement.
  5. Yes, every person, if he wants to invest in crypto, has a capital through which he can start a business, but capital is needed to be able to make a profit.
  6. Of course, we take better care of finding the best investment site since most of it is scandalous. I only know of one site that is YoBit, where our currencies come through with payments here.
  7. Yes, that space will be available as the forum continues to grow as members grow, it may be in the admin and moderator plans in this cryptotalk forum.
  8. In my opinion the right place for Bitcoin is the wallet. Coinbase Wallet is the best successful wallet. This wallet is very safe and secure with the wallet of others. I'm using this wallet too.
  9. Yes, maybe crypto currencies replace good sources of crypto currency in the stock market. Good spirits in the income stock market but yes, crypto is my favorite.
  10. Considering Germany's position as an economic leader in the European Union as a possible mechanism to monitor the cryptocurrency market and other countries like France, I do not think that such an initiative would be private.
  11. Yes, thank you for your information and suggestions for avoiding scammers but all our scammers can avoid when they are watching us and looking for our weak points in the crypto world.
  12. Yes, you can invest in bitcoin you can invest in bitcoin you can hold your bitcoins, in a few months bitcoin can go much higher, you can earn a lot better.
  13. Yes, such things are very good on this cryptut's here, very helpful to get some knowledge about all our cryptocorrens and tokens, so thank you for sharing your share and add more information to you.
  14. I'm new here though I want to achieve success in New York here. So I think it is to achieve, we should be humble and part of this community who will be good for others.
  15. Yes, it is very obvious that they cannot replace Bitcoin because Bitcoin is not the first crypto currency at all, but there is a prevalent popularity of Bitcoin that other coins and its use also, so Bitcoin will be a bitcoin just like a supported currency.
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