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  1. Positive thinking is a power which is used and got success in every field of life so this ia also necessary to work on this side in a positive way..
  2. Firstly you open the cryptotalk account and go in to beginners than go to the question open it and reply the topic or submit easily.
  3. I am withdraw from yobit to go trading and after that using the wallet to exchange our money in our currency or withdraw easily.
  4. When i am new in this forum firstly create an account and then posts 100 comments than after that 30 comments done per day.
  5. For the converting to btc into ltc you go to trade and through your wallet exchange btc into ltc.
  6. Yes i am plan to invest in different sites like bitcoin ethrum for the purpose to earn profit.
  7. The main goal is to join the cryptotalk forum for earning purpose because i want to earn money for the purpose to meet our expenses.
  8. It is notva good way to comment om the same post twice because they also increase the risk of cryptotalk id banned.
  9. Yes i want to grow with cryptotalk because this site is prove very helpful for me or increase my income and learning.
  10. I spend two weeks in cryptotalk forum and feel that this site is amazing because they also give knowledge with money.
  11. Yes i also earn money from this forum to posts daily 30 comments on different topics and increase our income.
  12. For beginners is not possible to post 1000 posts at a time because its a big achievement to post 1000 posts or they take a time.
  13. We also download cryptotalk apps through its links and use these apps for multi purposes.
  14. If i am want to ptotect myself from banned than follow the rules properly or comment the post relevent to the topic.
  15. Reputation is a goodwill of your work or your ethics and roles which you make us reliable fir any other person.
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