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  1. This is a non stable coin and the price goes ups and down and this is due to the demand for the bitcoin in the crypto industry it keeps on changing
  2. there are some competitors but i don't think we can compare them with cryptotalk and they are not a easy way to earn money if you check bitcointalk its not a easy taks to earn they have some rules to earn and the same is steemit
  3. there are many coins in the industry but if you need to buy then you can go with Bitcoin as it is too costly then you can try with Ethereum which is doing good and then Ripple and Litecoin this coins are also doing well in this year
  4. thanks for the useful information, i have an account in coinbase but its not verified and iam from India is this offer available in India any how it is a useful information thanks for it
  5. Is it genuine, i have been using it is genuine and the minimum payout is MIN. WITHDRAW: 0.00030000 BTC did you get the payout in litecoin
  6. i too have been trying many faucets but the one i thing which is genuine is her you can get free bitcoin every hr and you can play lottery and play gambling which is allowed in this site
  7. In the year 2014, The Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) published its bi-annual report on risks and vulnerabilities in the European Union's (EU) financial system.
  8. Thanks for the information , i will read this all and i will register myself and earn the $ s you said but can we trade in that let me check this
  9. i suggest you to earn crypto coins from this forum, you can easily earn 0.0003 BTC which is 3$ Approximately and its paid daily its very good forum to learn and earn
  10. Thanks for the information, but you have not said what is the minimum amount for withdrawal, and how many days it takes to reach it, if anyone know kindly update it
  11. Thanks for the information, i have not tried this before let me try this but i need to ask what is the minimum payout in this and how long it will take for the payout
  12. Most of our friend don't believe our words when i said that i started earning in this forum they said can you show me the proof so that they can believe, there are some who need proof to believe
  13. as far i know yobit is the least charging on the fee other fee is more than yobit, you can once check about the fee and then you can decide
  14. as of now there is no such option of twitter coming with its own coin, but as the competitor Facebook has announced to come with its own coin named Libra so may be in the future Twitter too will come with its coin
  15. It is a very good news, most of the people convert bitcoin to other currency before exchange only for its high transaction fee but its less it will be more popular and more people will use it any how its a good information thanks
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