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  1. sry brother I have no idea about this. but is think famous earn lot of bitcoin and lot of money because we know that this forum is a best for outsourcing.
  2. I think there are many exchange in google world. you can fine out which exchange is best for trading. you good google and search about many exchange and read this exchange about. then you can got this.
  3. well I say you. you know that hare is many exchanger.most exchange is fake. but the exchange that everyone use well be the best deal. I support yobit exchange. yobit is best for exchange.
  4. I must choose yobit exchange because yobit exchange is very safe and secure . it reputation is very good. most of people use yobit exchange . it is very profitable . that's why I like yobit exchanger.
  5. yes please tell me. what is your question. hare is everyone friends. I think everyone halp you. if you have any problem in crypto then we will try do your problems solve.
  6. yes you are right. I also hare that.but I have no idea about for earn money with mobile application . but I am interest to know about this matter.
  7. I think everyone need motivations. working in cryoto is not difficult. if you are afraid to comment, do not run. comments can be worning and lessons are learned from those mistake.
  8. bitcoin is very important for the price of bitcoin goes up, we will be very profitable . the price of bitcoin goes up then we earn more money. that's why we need bitcoin price increase.
  9. if you get warning points then you must be care full. you need to post be careful. you need to comment be careful and you have need carefull to use crypto.and follow all rules.because if you get 3 worning points then your account is banned .
  10. I think you need have good knowledge about bitcoin wallet. how to you use bitcoin wallet.. if you newbie in bitcoin wallet, at fast you need yobit account . because you use bitcoin wallet in yobit for exchange bitcoin
  11. because betcoin is very important for all cryptocurrency. bitcoin is the main source of money from cryptocurrency. we make money by selling bitcoin. so if bitcoin price increase we can earn more money. that's why we need bitcoincurrency price to increase .
  12. I think steem ia a cryptocurrency based on the social media and content focused steem blockchain. That's all I know .thank you .
  13. I think steem ia a cryptocurrency based on the social media and content focused steem blockchain. That's all I know .thank you .
  14. I think bitcoin is most profitable coin . because bitcoin price increase day by day .now bitcoin price is above 8.5k. In the future , the price of bitcoin will increase further. That's why bitcoin is most profitable coin .
  15. I think no . Because crypto support us for earn money. Crypto removes our financial problem. every man want earn money and crypto this opportunity give us .that's why i think cryptocurrency is not a threat to the financial sector.
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