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  1. I think a flexible pocket is definitely useful and it is useful from the title and versatile every time, anywhere, but I will not be given protection and protection with a pocket on the PC.
  2. In my opinion, the price drop of bitcoin is perfectly normal, it is extremely small and people should realize it. Not every person should be stressed or upset every time Bitcoin prices fall. They should regularly believe that eventually, it will shut down once more.
  3. Those who probably do not sustain this industry seamlessly do not survive through a simultaneous industry that in no way recognizes the cryptocurrency bottle operation, it is entirely really difficult to be able to deliver it at an early stage in time.
  4. The basic idea is that speculators promote certain bitcoin or make a sign - usually a currency that is modest but high risk - through financial expert sites, writing or even Reddit, according to the Daily Dot.
  5. I'm only focusing on potential and high-value cryptocurrencies today. I would simply choose to deal with them. I focus solely on cryptocurrencies so I am not too concerned about this national exchange and do not see the possibility of spam exchanges. Can you explain to me how you can sell a trash can?
  6. The truth is that we must fight Bitcoin scammers, because of the crypto world of con artists and we are totally destroying the crypto of scammers, and many countries do not recognize crypto till now.
  7. Yes, okay the forum must have a news section if we posted news about all the coins related to Crypto and also pasted the links for reference so that the member would not spread a false new one while the reference is still in place.
  8. I believe CrypPro will always have Neck Ideas and those ideals will be formed as a currency, but I expect the brand will look at coins with Neck Ideas that will solve real life problems and not just dump after list.
  9. If you are looking for a place to earn more on crypto, I think you will be able to earn more from this forum, and I suggest you stick to crypto discussions here as it is the best place to learn more about crypto.
  10. Depending on the user. Because crypto is not controlled by anyone. So an intelligent person must use it for the positive. Those who think negatively must have the intention of deviating from the good. Crypto is good for me if used in moderation.
  11. Mobile mining is not really recommended, it can damage or break your phone if it is unnecessary, and if you dig the phone, your phone can grow slowly or worse with heat and come out to explode.
  12. There is no hope of promoting cryptocurrency grants these days because they often delay payments. If you do not join a project run by a very trusted manager, you will not earn any.
  13. I'm interested in joining your community, but can you give us some proof? Many people are asking to provide it. And it seems difficult to reach the goal of withdrawal. Further question: Can we transfer this currency to Jobit for business purposes?
  14. There are many ways to invest in crypto, but investment sites are certainly fake. If you have some money to invest, you can start trading. If you want to start trading, you must have knowledge of trading. There are risks.
  15. I think the current crypto transactions were very fast especially if you use Elitcoin as a transaction because some of Bitcoin's transactions are faster than BTC so it is not important for me to wait as it does not take that much time as mentioned earlier, a Bitcoin transaction usually requires it. Confirmation from mine before processing. Average ...
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