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  1. I know how to check your balance then I must told you fortunately unfortunately I don't know how to check yodollar balance but I'll suggest you you can search it on Google YouTube then we will be no I hope you will get how to check Yodollar balance.
  2. their are many way to earn money online! According to me i can add the job of fiverr - freelance services marketplace and business! That is also good to earn income online!
  3. I personally thanking this forum for giving me extra passive income in the comfort of my home. You just need to post useful things about crypto currency and its system. And helping other members to learn.
  4. you own from Bitcoin to dollars and then you will be asked from the transfer address or account and there use a Paypal or Visa Card account and sometimes you will be asked for an email account to confirm only
  5. you comment in this topic.You don't comment one post two time.You look same topic two post you comment two post but don't copy paste comment there.Try to think and comment something new in other post.
  6. I have completed 100 posts now. When I will earn some more money I will do trading with that money in cryptocurrency and earn good profit. I hope I will get success in achieving my goals.
  7. If your posts as well comments will informative and fruitful then automatically every user follow you. Buy you have to work on your posts and comments to get more likes and followers.
  8. my yobit and Crypto talk accounts, easily, I don't know if some changes have being on that but, its normally has to work of that email hasn't already being used at first to make those accounts
  9. your country In the Middle East, there are several ways to buy and sell bitcoins, such as Visa cards and banks In my country, Syria, there is no sale and purchase through banks due to the lack of a Visa card
  10. you can use it in your crypto life, there is many sections here where they specifically designed to talk about many objects in crypto world, and you can earn friends too, so it is not always about money
  11. you must have at least 100 words in each post or comment. I also noticed that those who are new to this forum post very few words so it does not seem to be a problem. What is not acceptable in the field?
  12. if you can recommend a best site aside from this campaign to get more free bitcoins? I would like to explore more and keep some more bitcoins even it takes me a long time because I am really interested and willing to learn more. Kindly give me only those legit because some are asking for payments in the end of keeping some coins and just a waste of time. Thnak you and please response.
  13. this site post or comment all rules Instruction. So i give to share a screen shot that place highlight this pin post and i hope all newbie read this and don't mistake for posting.If my post is useful give me love react thanks.
  14. this section or in the whole forum, this is not obligated, once you create an account here, start with rules, read them and you can begin posting and earning without any obstacles, good luck for you
  15. this post only to saying hello to you all. And I just updated my profile and tried to see is there any thing I need to do also. Anyway, wish you good luck and happiness while trading. And I offer free financial consultation for crypto traders who really need help.
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