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  1. I am sorry that I do not use these wallets. To my knowledge, Coinbase is wallet and blockchain wallet is the best wallet .I currently use Coinbase wallet.
  2. There are many types of wallets now but not all wallets are good.Coinbase Wallet is great for using mobile apps.I use the Coinbase wallet mobile app. it is very good wallet and its security system is very good.
  3. Yes some crypt wallets are very safe but not all wallets .I use coin base wallet. here I store my money.this wallet is very safe .Its security system is very good.
  4. Wallets are required to store crypto but not all are good. Not all wallets are secure. I use the Coinbase wallet.Coinbase Blockchain These wallets are very good .The security of these wallets is very good.
  5. The rule of this forum is to post or comment on this forum using at least 100 characters.But there is no instruction forum for the maximum number of characters that can be used to post or comment, so the maximum number of characters you can post.
  6. Yes there are some people in this forum who give only negative reactions without any reason. They should not do this. They should stop doing this because it is not a good thing.
  7. The worst thing that happened to me in this forum was that I was banned from this forum once but now I'm doing very well here and making money every day from here.
  8. My nickname is Hassan .I am Bangladeshi. I am a student .My hobby is gardening. My favorite color is green.My favorite coin is Bitcoin.
  9. My experience in this forum is very good .I spend a lot of time every day in this forum and there are many things I can learn from this forum to comment here and I can earn money by posting here.
  10. I do not know exactly how you can save a post in this forum but if you want to copy the link to that post then you can find that post anytime.
  11. There is no mention of the maximum number of comments or posts that can be posted in this forum .but it is mentioned that a minimum of 100 characters can be commented on or posted .
  12. In this forum we can make money by posting only daily. In this forum you can earn $ 3 for 30 post from here.So this forum is a great way to earn.
  13. Running five accounts using one Wi-Fi is a very risky task, as doing so many accounts using one Wi-Fi is likely to lead to account termination.
  14. I don't think deleting the post will have any effect on the account.The reason for this is that if you delete the post, no warning points are given.So deleting a post shouldn't be a problem.
  15. I get notifications every day from this forum. There are some settings for notifications. You should check them and fix them.
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