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    So sorry to hear this and I strongly recommend these things not to happen again and again. If you are not wise enough to react positively on a genuine post don't even give bad reactions this is not good hope for better tomorrow regarding this.
  2. In the sense of easy to earn in this forum its for sure bitcoin as you are earning bitcoin here simply by making useful post or comment however via other platforms you may find etherium to earn easily.
  3. Well, with the post you made its already clear that you are well in here just remember to follow the guidelines and rules and keep on making useful post and comments.
  4. Yes if you prefer xrp it's not a bad option at all you can continue with it however you can go with litcoin as will its rate is low. I strongly suggest you to go through the rate by yourself before taking any action.
  5. Yes it is hard to get win win situation always even all our fingers are not same how can two different person be same. The thing is however we are we just need to be with in rules in this forum.
  6. Well very nice quiry my friend thank you soo much for this i will prefer to go with knowledge as I love to learn and explore my self and to be honest I spend almost 2 hours here but I cannot make more than 20 post or comment this is because I go in depth of the information.
  7. No my friend it doesn't allow you to earn more money but your prestige builds up. Simply for getting reputed your comments or posts need to get reacted if someone reacts to your post you will earn reputation.
  8. Not only this forum helps us to earn money my friend I love this forum for the course of knowledge I am being able to get from this forum believe me i have explored myself on crypto a lot via this forum.
  9. It's quite easy friend I suggest you to enjoy this forum rather than taking it to be successful go through the forum rules and guidelines thoroughly make useful post on crypto you need to post 30 post or comment that are paid daily.
  10. Well for this i just suggest you to view the rates first i noticed that bitcoin are at higher rates to invest on so you can choose etherium and trade it you will have a good profit in future I hope.
  11. Well good thing that you wanted to know about but Its not like that my friend every one receives equal satoshi that is 1000 satoshi per post and 3000 per 30 per day. So don't worry we follow equality here.
  12. This might happen due to the deletion of the post. This happens to most of the users that is why I suugest all the users to comment on valid post only so that the counts would not be deleted.
  13. Well this is same with me as well this might be i am more familiar to beginner section however I sometime visit other section to explore myself and I enjoy those sections as well.
  14. I suggest you to check your yobit account go to cryptotalk campaign there and check your number of useful post because some of your post might be deleted. You will definitely be paid after 100 post.
  15. This is good friend this type of messages should be shared to provide other opportunities to earn. However I only give my part time in this forum and I don't have time to perform that If I get opportunity in future I will try forex trading as well.
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