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  1. These type of topic encourages newbies a lot. Yes we can get a lot of information here from reading topics and comments. But i will suggest you to go through all the forum rules and guidelines rather tan totally depending on topic and comments.
  2. It is a few days ago i too received a bad reputation i was totally worried on what happened. But as you mentioned i started avoiding my mistakes and starting doing research before writing a comment. Hopefully in future i will not get them again.
  3. yes, This ocassionally keep on happenning in this forum. The posts and comments will be paid. Surely there is no need to make topic again and again on the same matter better wait and keep posting.
  4. while i read the topic head that is "using crypotalk to become a writer" i felt happy. This is because right from my post i am always improving myself in case of writing. Many of us are here in this forum for the ample amount of money it pays per post but we should also remember that we are getting to learn as well enhancing our skills and knowledge.
  5. Such an informative video shared friend really informative. Got to learn more on bitcoin. Andreas M Antolopous had done his best in explaning his experiences and explaining about bitcoin. It was good 35 min spent learning on bitcoin.
  6. This is particulary how i am growing here in this forum as well. I always first prefer reading articles and understand them. If i got problem there in understanding then i prefer expert advice i write a topic or ask help with my friends. Obviously i have learnt a lot from this forum.
  7. well thank you very much friend for your advice. To be honest here in this forum i spend few of my hous making posts and earn some satoshis. Obviously i can then invest the earned amount and gain benifits. Thank you for your advice.
  8. I found that certain coins have low withdraw fees for example LTC (withdraw fee 0.002) likewise TRX ( withdraw fees 10 cents) waves ( withdraw fee 0.002) What i actually wanted to know is does these withdraw fee also fluctuates as the value of btc does or it is just constant as it is? Please react♥️ and motivate to make more topics.
  9. Thank you mate for sharing such an important information. This will help a lot of new users here they can save their earnings simply by not paying a high withdraw fee. Really helpful post.
  10. I see clearly mentioned there that there are not reserve funds that means you are shory of money friend better you deposit some amount and then try hopefully your problem gets solved.
  11. Than you for reminding me again of when i can get banned. These all thing should always be in mind if we want to go long along with this forum . Plagrisim is always prohibited here. Thank you friend for reminding this again to us.
  12. I don't know exactly but you cannot directly buy gemstome from bitcoin. However you can convert or exchange btc to other form of currency such as usd and than there should not be any problem investing them where ever you want.
  13. The full form of KYC that is know your customer itself tells a lot. KYC is a method of verificatiob of customer. It is generally done performing greater exchanges where one needs to verify him/herself wit support of related documents.
  14. I completely agree with you mate. But its area of use is limited. I belueve a banking system is always in place when you try to invest them in real world. Still it had the same value as cashes or cheques we carry.
  15. This is why i love this forum. I am always learning new things. Thankyou very much for such an informative post. This allows us to know about the current reactions provided and by whom as well.
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