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  1. Bitmain,robinhood,coinbase, circle are some of the best block chain in current trading platform. They have biggest amount as their resources and they are leading with that and some other investments.
  2. I think government should promote cryptocurrency. Because the value of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. And it will help us to trade and transfer money.
  3. With my experience in this platform I haven't heard about such an app of cryptotalk. It is spam there is no such app. And I'm suggesting that app is better than cryptotalk website.
  4. Yes , my friends also facing this problem. Because we cannot transfer our earned money to balance. And I contacted the admins and they informed me that they are trying to solve this problem.
  5. There are so many growing currencies in this forum . Bitcoin,ETC, LTC are some of the best growing cryptocurrency in this platform.CRN,USDA ,QRL are some otjy cryptocurrency.
  6. This is true. We should not copy or paste other's post and comments. It is against the rules and regulations made by admins of this platform. You should be unique always.
  7. Some guys are telling that yobit have introduced a new system . Now onwards you can only transfer once or twice a month. I think this system will get an update .
  8. Before committing to a topic you should read others comments are so I can understand what is related to that topic. You should be very sincere while commending in a post.
  9. Hello friends,I didn't notice any announcement from this platform. There are some technical issues only. And now that is also solved by the admins.
  10. Hello friends, it is possible to post multiple comments in same topic in this forum. But it is against the rules and regulations of this platform. Your comments may get deleted by the admins.
  11. We can consider cryptotalk as our part time job. As if you are a student you can create pocket money from this platform. We can also gain knowledge from this platform.
  12. I don't think so. Because there is no rules and regulations in this forum like we want to create post or topic. We can comment on other's post also.
  13. First you can copy same topic from others but this is another case hear the language should be different so I think you can take such post in which language is different. Because some people don't know other languages so it will be helpful to them.
  14. Cryptocurrency is digital currency, which we can trade through online. The difference between cryptocurrency and conventional currency is we can trade cryptocurrency through online easier than conventional currency. There is no brokers in this trading.
  15. There are so many ways to create address. Best thing is to make adress by vanitygen by GitHub. It is more safer than others third party websites. If you make address through third party websites your address and other details may get stolen.
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