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  1. I do not know either how far yobit exist.But some point of view yobit is the best market and big exchange,As much people know about it and have knowledge in currency it will last long for sure.
  2. Sometimes your content is not useful for this forum,In My point of view we cannot avoid negative rate for some member if they think that our content is not useful at all.
  3. There is no Usdt in yobit platform you can only use usd to sell your btc and withdraw your money.research in other site to know if there is Usdt converter.
  4. Wow it so amazing now i know how the bitcoin price develop and more known at this time.I actually wanted that it continue in the future and more people know this.thank you for this topic.
  5. I do not know about the referral in yobit,thank you for the information you gave.I can help other to joined and earned here at same time Ive got a commission.
  6. Actually I am not interested of some faucets because it was small amount of earnings and wasting time to work it.I do not know the others I only stick here un Cryptotalk forum.
  7. I also not good in English grammar but when I joined here everyday I learned myself .It can help us to educate Ourselves.I don’t think they add dictionary here But we can do search in Safari.
  8. The difficult is when you do gambling here and did not control your self you loss money.Research more knowledge here to overcome difficulties and earned.
  9. I did not do investment here I am afraid of losing my money bacause I don’t have knowledge about investment.I do it if I gather enough information how to do it in invest box.
  10. Thank you for this Information you shared to us.I got a knowledge about fake currencies in yobit and idea to not easily invested and do a research first.
  11. My earnings here in Cryptotalk I send it to my yobit balance In yobit platform I used to buy XRP coin to convert my BTC and withdraw.
  12. If you do not have knowledge about you can research it, you can stick also here in Cryptotalk and earn bitcoin,Every post you made here there is a reward satoshi while getting knowledge and ideas about other cryptocurrency
  13. New member always confused about this kind of questions.log in to other devices with the same account and IP address cannot cause banning unless if that device had already other account used.
  14. Cryptotalk forum is to share knowledge and ideas,we make sure to write easy but correct English grammar to make other members easily understand what we supposed to share.
  15. I do not have enough knowledge about crypto business I am new to this kind of work I need more knowledge about this and more research to understand and get ideas what are good business i try.
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