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  1. You can earned here but i do not know if that’s enough to your need but it helps you to get extra income you can Post useful topic and earn just reach 100 post to get the maximum after that you can earn everyday 30,000 satoshi if you done posting 30 post everyday.
  2. I would agree to it.avoiding repeated topic is to research first before you posted if you do not understand you can post new topic or your questions here.
  3. I try this once it is because of the website issue try again in a few minutes,Refresh your mobile phone and check your network connection also.
  4. Lamargie


    After reaching your 100 post its the starting point to earn in every post you made minimum of 30 post everyday ,and you can earned 30,000 satoshi continue to post useful topic everyday and you earned more,
  5. This is true do not easily trust your private keys to some one you don’t know,Specially through telegram they pretend to be nice and good to victim people.
  6. Newbies without knowledge to this site must always post questions,We can guide them what the right thing to do here,To all new comer in Cryptotalk Please read all guidelines first to get Ideas about cryptocurrency.
  7. I don’t know about it I am not came from Pakistan I don’t have Idea if Cryptotalk is known in that country,You can search it to know more info.
  8. This tips can help a lot to all members here in crypto.Its hard to begin trading if we don’t have enough knowledge and lack of ideas about trading.
  9. I do not know about this we cannot predict what happen in the future of cryptotalk,If it the bitcoin start recovering its a big help to all members in yobit.
  10. After reaching 100 post the benefits you earned here is knowledge and ideas,You can do trading and knowledge in cryptocurrency But you can study first in terms of investing here.
  11. In short you can invest what you wiling to lost and be knowledgeable of what your doing.Become more careful specially in terms of money and investing.
  12. If you do not have time you can finish your 100post after your exam in just 2days the maximum of posting per day is 50.after that you can earned satoshi.
  13. We love Cryptotalk also you’re not the only one here,all members of cryptotalk might love to this forum,Its very helpful to every member we get more knowledge and earnings as well.
  14. I put my earnings to my yobit wallet I do not know what to do next.I want research more here to get more knowledge,And to know what is the best thing to do.
  15. To me I spend only my vacant time,I have work in company everyday and I do it during my break time,Its worth it to spend time here to learn in cryptocurrency and trading.and also I earned,
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