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  1. I guess if bitcoin is no more supply to mine then bitcoin will crash, then for sure ethereum will take the no.1 spot.. well it's just prediction but don't worry this will happen in many many years.
  2. They better to launch eth 2.0 this year because people waiting for it. Many investors investing ethereum because of that event you know, eth will be explode.
  3. Well yep crypto is really risky than forex because crypto is so volatile but crypto is profitable than forex. I prefer crypto you know because you can make money in short time but you can lose money also in short time. lol
  4. Oh I remember that time, why bitcoin was falling.. it was because the WHO announced that the world was on pandemic and then the market starting went down suddenly.. Now I'm so surprise that bitcoin was touched $12,000 while the world is on pandemic, not really affected.
  5. nah, it is not a good coin.. seems that coin is just manipulated by some traders.. you can manipulate a zero volume coin. You better to invest in bitcoin because the price is starting to grow and you can also invest ethereum, it is also a good coin.
  6. Yep, you're right until now there is no announcement about ethereum 2.0 when will be release.. Seems it will take longer and it could be release in the next year but for sure the price of eth will skyrocket with this event.
  7. Just invest in the top coins not a sht coin because the whales can manipulate it they can pump it and you will hesitate to invest, you never know that one day the price will dump so hard. Better to invest in the top coins like ethereum.
  8. People should not trust the ICO ratings because it is not accurate and they can manipulate the rating if they want to, they just pay it to get high rate. About King Casino I don't know that they are now scam, seems most of the Casino ICOs are scam.
  9. Well I believe we can see the pump of the altcoins in the future. Let's just keep hold our cryptos and who knows maybe this year the market will go bullish.
  10. Imagine if you keep doing faucets in the early times for sure you will be rich now. I think that guy was successfully promoted bitcoin for his faucet.
  11. Nowadays it is difficult to trust a person that claims he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, we all know that person wants to be fame. We better not to find who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto because if I the real Satoshi I don't want to exposed myself in the public, I just want to enjoy my success and millions of bitcoin that I mined since that I created.
  12. That will surely crossed $350 if bitcoin keeps increasing because bitcoin can lift up the altcoins. Bitcoin must step $11,000 so that ethereum will reach that price, I guess..
  13. Well I guess there is no launch bounty campaigns here yet so keep on eye this bounty section.. who knows there will be one bounty posted here.
  14. Did you buy bitcoin when the price was bottomed? You already make profit right now if you bought bitcoin. I guess it is still good time to buy bitcoin.
  15. I earned $20 when I started to earn cryptocurrency then it will grow and grow of my earnings because of my knowledge about cryptos.
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