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  1. Of course they also gain satoshi by cleaning this forum, but seems there are many copy pasting in this forum, looks like the moderators are trying hard to clean it.
  2. I also faced this problem when using my mobile phone but if I use my computer then there's nothing wrong, only the mobile phone is the problem here when accessing my account.
  3. Getting freecoins in yobit is just a low amount, better to focus this forum because we can make 30,000 satoshis per day. This is so great that we have this kind of earning platform.
  4. Just make a good topic or a good comment then someone will give you positive reputation but make sure your topic is not duplicated before to post topic just search it first.
  5. Most of the deletion our post is the duplicated topics that we posted. The mod will delete the topic and so our posted comments there will also deleted.
  6. If you don't pass KYC to the crypto website then there will no problem. If the site needs KYC you better to stay away because it is risky if you pass your information to the unknown person.
  7. I don't know which coin is the best for staking, I think most of staking coins can not survive for long because I'm also do staking but the coin was dead already so it is better to trade coins or investing a trusted coins.
  8. Yep because of cryptocurrencies they can make money especially for the student that they can buy food or their school supplies. This is really can help for the student.
  9. Most of the members here will travel to the past but you in the future? that is good move lol. Anyway by using time machine we have different strategy lol.
  10. Both will use it for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, some people will use world bank and some will use crypto exchange platform it depends to them.
  11. Don't afraid of increasing of bitcoin price because those faucets and paid to click sites can set the minimum withdrawal amount. While bitcoin price is low keep accumulating.
  12. Just save your important file in to the safe places and your computer must have an anti virus so that the hackers can not hack your computer.
  13. yes the government can not control bitcoin that is why they ban bitcoin and they think also that bitcoin is use for criminal activities because they can not trace people who using it.
  14. Yes you must work hard if you don't have capital to earn money in trading or investing. This forum is a good step to earn bitcoin just collect so that you can start investing crypto or you can hold bitcoin for long term.
  15. Of course with the Brave browser they can earn money with it, just keep surfing on the internet you will gain BAT coin. Some members earned $10 in a month using brave browser, ye it is very low but it is not bad, this is good to earn extra money.
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