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  1. Anything is possible and I there isn't anything 100% sure in crypto world. A lot of people say and that bitcoin price is going to go up after the halving but that's just predictions based on what happened in the past. So we should not worry about it
  2. I haven't any goal for this year and i don't know how much I i'll collect crypto. But I want to stay with crypto whole year
  3. You can get clean knowledge about btc by crypto(BTC) official web or you can get some knowledge about btc
  4. Yes, You can teach crypto in school and university. Because it can help a county to increase it's currency. It is a great idea
  5. Nobody can see or tell anyone's future because it's hose to the creator and almost to the almighty. But is it all right I think crypto has a bright future.
  6. I think it's the solouation for your problem 'I think the solution is simple, and that is by leaving your wallet's information to your family or converting it into a local currency and keeping it in the bank. '
  7. In my opinion, the best thing in the crypto is mining the bitcoins and other crypto coins, they will give you regular profit and also there will be low chances of loss andrisk, so start mining and your life will be easy because it is very helpful ar easier from others.
  8. No one knows what the future looks like, so I don't agree with anybody who say anything by predicting.
  9. If i have to choose both of one i choose usd because it is fiat currency i can use it everywhere and can buy everythings but BTC earning is easier from USD
  10. I can sell them to dollars or convert them to my country's currencyAnd then I can spend it on that every way where I want.
  11. Yes, of course you can transfer.You can transfer bitcoin by pinning the bitcoin address that you want to send and you can trade on yobit, you can start trading there.
  12. To me it would be when you misplace your credentials and end up being hacked. That is really very bad.And it is very disipointing to a user. To me it would be when you misplace your credentials and end up being hacked. That is really very bad.And it is very disipointing to a user.
  13. Yes, I am so glad with crypto. Because it's very helpful for me. I'm so happy to participate in cryptoworld.
  14. I think first you need to plqn what you will do with your 200 dollar then you will plan how much you want to earn with them, first you need to invest them in trade buying cryptocurrencies when they down then etc.
  15. I learn it from my friend ,and also by YouTube. all those YouTube videos saying you can earn a lot of money with your smart phone and an internet connection
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