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  1. This is a good website for work and iam sure our data is safe but i don't know much about that because iam just a newbie here so i hope for good hope to work without any problems
  2. Yes you are right that's no fair we spend our time to do posts if they don't like the topic they have to delete that topic soon they have to delete unusual topics after posting some minutes if they do this then this problem will reduce
  3. I don't know about these things like which one is the best way to earn bitcoins or any application if anyone please guide me properly which app or which site is best for earning
  4. Iam new in this crypto or internet i don't know about basic trading but people like you always help people like me thanks for suggesting i will search and learn all the terms that you suggested us
  5. Iam new in this world i don't know much about these issues but thanks to you for this topic i read the comments and its very formative thanks to all members who comments so informative
  6. Yes we need a batter chat section for friends so we can talk and discuss the topics that we don't understand so that's look like everyone needs personal chat so sir u have to do something about this.
  7. Crypto is very good to spend my extra time in day its very effective in my life in good ways because this site give me a chance to convert my free time to earning time so i am happy I may be agree with your or not because i just starting here i also didn't complete my trile here but i did some posts and i realize it take time to do 30 comments pr day
  8. Congratulations so happy you i am new member here and iam also trying to earn some but before you're post i have doubts but now iam sure this site will pay us now iam hopping good
  9. I hope crypto marketing is good for me but iam not confirm yet because iam beginner here i even don't confirm this platform will pay me but iam trying to earn
  10. I don't know much about these things because i just started on this platform but i think this is good that copy paste is not allowed everyone have to write their on opinion
  11. I am beginner i this site but i think our posts are deleted because of crypto strict rules we have to follow to many rules so we have to post and comments carefully
  12. In cryptoword first and important step for beginner's is to follow the rules if you don't follow the rules the your journey is stop without any earnings so goto crypto rules and read all of them and follow them and do post and comments 30 per day
  13. I am also new member on crypto talk but i read rules so rules says you can at least write Hundred letter in every post or comment just try to write more then100 words in your posts or comments
  14. Thanks for information can u informat me how much satoshi we can earn from one post i know we cam earn thousand points from one comment but tell us about post
  15. Discipline is the most important thing here if you are following the rules you will be a batter experienced after some time just play safe don't use copy paste and other things like that
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