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  1. Because of USA and China policies to hold down crypto
  2. 1. get a time machine 2. get a small amount of funds 3. go back in time when btc worth cents 4. get back to 2018 5. sell your BTC for $20000 6. you're rich 😄
  3. Very useful! Was thinking about getting one of these as well, so now I have better idea of what's available on market.
  4. I agree! it's a shame that some people post useless comments in random topics just to get to that 100 posts count! smh...
  5. I like the idea of holding your money on your device, and have total control over it without third parties (not including miners)
  6. Depends on what you choose to hold lol A ton of people still holding crappy coins in hopes of it raising in price someday
  7. I think bitcoin simply had way more publicity than alt currencies. Even your grandparents probably heard about bitcoin, although not a lot of people yet understand what crypto is and how to use it.
  8. I believe Nexo has one of the best strategies and has solid possibility to greatly increase in price in the next 1 - 4 years. It's a safe investment, since they operate as a legitimate bank system and provide visa cards to their holders.
  9. I think 50 posts is a good number. I can't imagine real need for the limit increase other than to earn more of them free satoshi from posting messages.
  10. A lot of projects did. At least the teams disappear after the fundrasing stage. Such a shame that the concept of ICO was ruined by scams.
  11. Yeah well, I highly doubt it. Any positive prognoses proved wrong so many times in the past.
  12. You can gamble it and if you're lucky enough you can multiply it 😉 Or lose it all. Whatever the fate decides haha
  13. Most definitely! Not as often as I used to though, since the market is more or less stable nowadays.
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