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  1. That's absolutely right the forum you have to wait fir several hours. The problem may be solved. If it is not resolved, you should contact one of the supervisors..
  2. That's absolutely right i m facing in this site last night. I don't know what happened? I will try last night again but same problem face. Anyone know about this topic well please reply
  3. That's absolutely right there is opositions take in some cases the best position and this most of the time work in so many different ways the right idea being its important provider...
  4. That's absolutely right i searched for this error in google and some websites said that this code is related to the websites himself, i mean mostly you can't do anything about it..
  5. That's absolutely right i have tried to reply but they always show me error dont know what's wrong with it. Is crypto got banned in my country .
  6. That's absolutely right I agreed to you. BTC :10ds is 0.00001 BTC DICE ROLL. 0.00001 BTC X 10 =0.0001 BTC . I didn't like this new rule that applies to YODA
  7. That's absolutely right the play in dice to get yoda coin and that 10x means or 0.000001btc, but please pay attention to this matter, as it is dangerous for beginners..
  8. That's absolutely right i think you should excerise patience for some time it will come up. It will come up maybe its your network provider or the browser that you arw using wait for sometime,..
  9. That's absolutely right my friends tell me about that problem i thin site i under construction that's why we are facing this problem please didn't panic and continue your daily work all things will be good soon..
  10. That's absolutely right i didn't try investment options. I read some replies here and see many people's share their opinions. I don't know which one is correct . will someone put the main truth of it...
  11. That's absolutely right that buddy because we are all facing that problem. I think its in the forum and not or your computer or Android phone...
  12. That's absolutely right the newbies don't read and if you don't give them direct link to the post, they can't find. Even funnier is they don't even try, some newbies just copy and paste..
  13. That's absolutely right i think all such kind of issues automatically resolved after some time. If you are able to send messages then please inform admin or also write ba message to cryptotalk..
  14. That's absolutely right the newbies don't read and if you dont give them direct link to the post, they can't find. Even funnier is they dont even try, some newbies just copy and paste everything understanding anything.
  15. That's absolutely right the cointiply faucet is not just the superlative cryoto PTC site, but also a.. Website or online apps that function as a rewaed system for user.
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