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  1. When the market goes green it makes the members and peoples who have done the investment happy because they know very well if the market keep going down then they have to face the loss and I think we should make yourself strong enough to face this problems and difficulties so that we can hold our investments for the longest period so when the market again goes high we can sell the investments we have done before.
  2. We all should give preparations to the expected contents because that's make them more motivated towards their work and we should appreciate them and their hard work that is only way we can make this campaign more successful because they will give their more efficiency to make the topic more effective that's make peoples get more good content.
  3. In my thinking this is the best update given by the administration we have already seen that peoples are only doing here comment by seeing the topic they are not going to the explanation that should not be done first take the the look about the explanation and then go for comment section that will be better for you you can get idea about the content and also you can bitter yourself.
  4. Many time this things are occurring peoples are not getting reputation see when their content is such valuable and they have explained in such a good way then also people are not giving them quotation that should not be done we should appreciate them giving them reputation so that they can get motivated and do work hard to give us content that will help every member and also will try our best to make the content that will help the member as well as it will be valuable.
  5. This campaign is not be coming as a global platform where peoples are joining from all over the world and they want to be in this campaign for the longer period so that they can be familiar with the cryptocurrency as well as they can earn some money from their work and the best thing is we are getting the payment on the daily basis that is the main attraction of this campaign.
  6. The fluctuations in in these days are going very high and down I think this is the best time for the investors to get into the market and invest their money in the Bitcoins as well as other currencies are also present if they want they can go for those currencies and I want to suggest for the new beginners take some suggestion from your senior members for your friends or family you know about marketing that will be more better and effective while doing the trading.
  7. Yes you are right there is option on the you Bate to collect free coins but I think those coins are not valuable so much you have to wait for the longer time to collect some good amount of free coins and only it will be give you some profit so I don't think so wasting time on those frequencies good for you you can work on this campaign and make more money by your content that should be valuable enough then only it will be counted and also it will make you more confident about cryptocurrency.
  8. This problem occurring due to the technical issue that admins have already said just wait for few time you will get your payment and even now it is eligible we all are getting our payment from the work we are doing just be careful about your content so that it will be counted and you will get your payment.
  9. That's very good news I can also tell my friend that now they can join in this campaign because few time before they are not getting the option to connect the wallet to the Crypto as you said now it is eligible so people can easily join in this campaign and enjoy the benefits we are getting from the work we are doing here.
  10. Yes you have noticed the right thing every member having paste that problem that is due to technical issue and the admin has already said that they have passed the message to the technical support team and now we are eligible to get about payment so don't worry about small problems do your work confidently and continuously definitely you will able to get your payment.
  11. The main reason behind less reputations each their content they are making it is not up to the point and valuable according to the members that is the reason members are not giving them good quotations also they are giving bad reactions to their content if you want some good quotations then you have to be work hard on your content and you have to make it valuable as well as helpful for the members in only they will give you good reputation.
  12. As much I have experienced the main factor is the bear and the Sailor those factors only affect the market price up and down and I think it is the best thing because in this between process many peoples getting there profit by the fluctuations and many are getting losses also so you have to be prepare yourself and be confident about your in an exit time to be in the safe side also with having your profit.
  13. Yes you are right but I don't want to go for mining because I don't have much experience about the cryptocurrency as well as the trading so I am in the learning process and I want to get all the knowledge about the marketing as well as a reading so that whenever I am doing investments I can make profit that make me more confident and give me motivation to be in this trading and start more huge amount of investment in the cryptocurrency.
  14. Yes you are right and I think that is the best step taken by the administration because members are spreading spam in this campaign that will not be tolerable and I think every member should try their best to make this campaign more effective so that members can get help from each other and they will also having the opportunity to get idea about the cryptocurrencies by giving their ideas and experience they can improve themselves also so don't waste the opportunity and grab opportunity we are getting.
  15. Yes that is because the administration have closed the payment option for few times because they are trying their best to clean the Campion from the spam members also that will be better for us we can work here confidently for the longer period and I think every member should try your best to make this campaign successful.
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