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  1. I will suggest crypto to my friend because of its benefit. By working in crypto forums I can earn daily. It’s such kinds of forums here I can learn many things, many information and ideas. That’s why I will suggest to my friends to use crypto for earning and learning.
  2. Yes I aslo agree with you. If crypto add more languages many people will join this forums. Because many of them are interested but it’s difficult to work here in English for them. Pakistan is such a example.
  3. I am playing both two games free fire and pubg. I loves to play both of them. But I will suggest you to play PUBG for its graphics quality. Though both of themes are interesting games.
  4. Maybe you will find many kinds of apps in playstore where you can earn in online. But sorry to say that I cannot help you. Because there are no experience about online marketing and working on those platform.
  5. There are many kinds of apps in playstore which offer you to earn free bitcoin. Though I have no experience about using those kinds of apps. But I heard about those apps,Like bitcoinblas, bfast bfree free bitcoin. Where you can earn free BTC.
  6. Though I’m not so much experience in this forums. In my short time experience I saw many members add there signature links here. Maybe it’s allow to using here.
  7. Basically there are not restriction for you as a newbie. You can easily comment on any topics. But if this topics is locked by admin or already deleted. Then you can’t able to comment on those topics. Otherwise isn’t happening.
  8. Yes I am aslo so much happy to working here. Because I get payment to work here. Here I can spent my leisure times and can earn money for this. I aslo can able to learn many things from this forums. Though I’m working here for many days but I cannot get any kind of warring and short period of banning. I’m happy to work here.
  9. Yes I agree with you. We should write down our own opinions. Maybe it’s less important and impressive than others.but we should not copy other ideas and opinions. It’s a kind of scams.many of newbie are not confident that why they sometimes make this kind of mistakes.
  10. Thank you very much my dear buddy for your information. It’s really helpful for us. It’s really help us to make better crypto as newbie. I aslo try to follow your advice. It’s such a good news for us to know that there admins are alway active. It’s help this community to make crypto great.
  11. Yes I agree with you, need to improve chat section. Here are a options for communication with each other like social media. But it’s aslo like a time killing . Here when I want to chat with my friend I have to wait 2 min after one text.
  12. I think it’s somehow depends on strict lows. Because many countries of the world try to restrict run of the cryptocurrency. They already declared their position against crypto. Maybe Philippine government aslo try to restrict the use of crypto.
  13. Buddy crypto is a very big platform. Let me know where and how you want to withdraw your payment. If you use yobit exchange then to avoid high fees. You can convert your coins to other coin then you can sell its.
  14. I am not very good experienced about faucet. Recently I started to working on this forums. Now I can told you about crypto forums. Crypto currency gives you very goo opportunity to earning. Here you can earn by working and trading aslo.
  15. Yes I already earned from this forums. Here I get payment for daily 30 post. I aslo earn many things from this forums. By working here I can able to know about digital currency system, trading and other online marketplace.
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