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  1. I believe that in the future BTC price should be 100000 $, because BTC can be considered as the digital gold that we can keep as the long holding and dont be worry about the inflation that always happen with the national currency. Because national currency created by the government need and they often print more as they want and much our labor get lost by it. But BTC no one can print more can create more
  2. It is very interesting question because it is impossible and that never you can return time. But if I have a machine time that help me return the time 2009 I think the first I will buy BTC as much as I can and keep it as long as I can. I will not sell it in 2017. I think I store it for longer time. I think I will sell it in 2030 and earn much profit. I will be a billionair.
  3. I think cryptotalk is the best site and the best forum for people who love crypto and want to learn about the crypto knowledge and experience of trading crypto. And moreover cryptotalk pay the member who make the post and comment useful the payment that as the incentive for useful member. One day maximum you can get 30000 satoshi if work hard. So that I think the qualified post here are the best
  4. I think telegram is one of the biggest social network with the most people use for chatting and sharing their opinion and knowledge. I think telegram reputation so well and many people participate in this. I believe telegram day by day develop well and by the time they create its crypto called TON. I think it is the good news for people who love crypto
  5. I think China is the country the activities of mining BTC develop strongly. I think China also have special policy for crypto and even presiden of China encourage the people who create crypto and that the government want to support the people who work in crypto industry. I think by this way China will the best country for BTC and crypto in general
  6. I dont know why happen like this. I also have status maintenance and very worry if you get lost the crypto I just traded on yobit. I believe yobit is legit but I dont know how long this happen. I dont know when it open for me can withdraw my token to other wallet. I hope the technical staff of yobit can solve as the fast as they can
  7. I dont agree completely with your idea. Following my opinion BTC price must go down after rising up it is the normal. I think like people if BTC price want jump father it must step back a little to accumulate its power. And I believe BTC price will go down under 8000 $ again and then go up reach to 16000$ at the end of 2020/. I think it is possible
  8. I register to the member of cryptotalk and I can learn a lot from it. As you know by cryptotalk we can learn about what the crypto maket move and how to make the trade best. And especially I can learn how to keep our capital the best when we make the investment in the crypto that very risk with the big and quick change of price.
  9. If you want to make useful posts I think you need to read carefully the question other member want to know. And if you can answer at the best you must have good knowledge about what the people are in the problem. And good post must be easy for other to understand and read well. I think the best dont post meaningless you will waste your tiem and power.
  10. I dont believe any site call the investment with nothing to secure it not scam project. I think if one site offer you a profit exceed 20% one year with any of currency I think it is not right and some day may by you are the final and loose all what you work hard to earn. So that dont let the emotion occupy your mind. You must always stay away from the offer unbelieavable
  11. I agree with you so lot. If you dont prepare carefully before making comment you easily make comment help nothing to others in their question and certainly you can get earn. I think it waste the time and power of you so much. So that before making comment you should read carefully what the question other member want to ask and what the best way you can comment to solve their problem.
  12. I think so now the time BTC and altcoin rise up in price again. But for me if you want to make long investment and dont want to be too tired with the change of market you should buy BTC and keep it for long time. I believe in the future BTC will get you a lot of profit because it seem the digital gold, day by day more value than national money that always be made by the government if they want
  13. All sites depend on referral because as you know every site if want to develop strongly it must have a large of people know and register. So that the sites must have incentive for someone have referral to have more registers and more expand its market. Moreover with many referral the site will have more money from the investment the registers make. And referrals make more referral and certainly much more member it will be well known and earn more profit
  14. I think Cryptotal is the wonderful crypto forum where you can learn about good knowledge and experience about crypto. And moreover by the member of cryptotalk after finishing 100 first posts useful you can start getting paid by post. Each post useful with more 100 characters you can earn 1000 satoshi and maximum 30000 satoshi you can earn one day. I think it is the good extra money you can earn by making post and comment
  15. The best time you can make trade I think when you see the crypto price clear on its up trend. I think the best time when the crypto have big step with very big volume and you buy. I think you can get profit if you patient waiting on time. So that the patience is the most important that the trader must have to be success in the crypto market.
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