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  1. I think nowadays because the advantages of crypto have their economy stable and against the dollar affect. Now China, Venezuela, and some poor countries by themselves also develop crypto for making transaction without dollars. However I think it takes long time for replacing dollar in the international business because America is keep it as the leader of the world.
  2. I dont think so, actually I dont care about dogecoin so much. Dogecoin someone even expected it can takeover BTC as the leader of crypto world bit It never could be. We can see its price has big difference compare to BTC and impossible for being a second BTC in crypto work. I have no dogecoin as long investment in my crypto wallet.
  3. I dont think so, I think crypto currency is the best way to earn extra money but it is also risk and take us very hard work. I am now a trader and I must concentrate on the crypto price trend every hour for grab the chance of best price to put a buy and then what the best profit I should sell to take.
  4. I think it is because of internet connection wrong and make you access the cryptotalk slowly. But as I kno the problem of technical often happen not long time. I will be solved soon. So that we will post as soon as possible. I also face many difficulties with the internet connection. But then after time it is ok
  5. I prefer to invest in crypto because I believe in the improvement of crypto price in the future. But I just think BTC is the most value and the best crypto for long investment. I often buy BTC monthly about 10% of income and store it in the wallet for long time. I have no plan to sell it at least 10 years next.
  6. I think your action now depend on what your plan in the crypto world, if you are an investor I think the time of price down you will buy in even more. But if you a trader who just buy and sell just for a profit in a short time. If the price not as you expect and reach the point of price that in the rules you must make loose cutting. I thing the most important still what the price you buy in
  7. It is very great if someone ever store BTC in a wallet and for long time forgotten you can find BTC. You are very lucky man and if you have the luck like this the best you should reward yourself with a small party. And you can sell this amount of Bitcoin for cash or continue to keep it as the long holding for the best profit.
  8. It is not only happen with crypto market but also stock, gold market and many different kinds of good is going down and down. As all of us know because the affect of corona Virus people prefer storing cash other than the bubble goods such as crypto, stock and gold.
  9. I think everything is going to the End not only BTC but when BTC will die no one can answer exactly. Someone says BTC will loose its value in 2030 by the time the technology develop at the best and some computer can have enough power for solving the blockchain. But it is just expectation and for me at least 50 years next BTC can get lost.
  10. I think all member here prefer cryptotalk forum to bitcointalk because cryptotalk is the great forum besides the giant knowledge shared it makes us earn by post. You earn 1000 satoshi each useful post with over 100 characters and maximum you earn 30000 satoshi if working hard about 3 hours per day. And the most important we can find a lot useful information about crypto with crypto talk.
  11. I think it is very simple if you doubt the project scam that you just refuse the requirement of sending BTC to the address. The best you should not believe in someone who want you give private key of wallet or your crypto to them without their reputation. Sometime the invitation along with very big profit but as you know all bigger profit often bigger risk.
  12. We just receive the alert from BTC from by ourselves by the analysis that made by us. Nowadays with the development of technology we can have some software that help us analyze the BTC price chart and give us the signal when we should put a buy or when we should sell and temporally leave the market to protect our capital from the crash of market.
  13. I think if with big amount that 18 million $ BTC sent to an exchange wallet it give a signal that it can be sold in soon time. So that I believe it can affect on BTC price so strongly. If the owner of this BTC accetp to sell it at any price for short time BTC price can crash and all other crypto will be in the same situation.
  14. It is not joke but BTC not support the terrorism but people who use BTC as the payment supporting for the terrorism it is better. As we know not only BTC but also with many kind of asset if be hold by some bad organization they become dangerous. BTC can help to support terrorism easier because no bank or government can control what the transaction happen.
  15. I think Covid 29 has a direct impact on everything of living not only crypto price, stock market, gold and many other value asset also crashed strongly. BTC price went down quickly just after several hours from 7600$ to even hit 3800$ before recovering 6500$ as now we can see. I think the trend of down is still ahead.
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