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  1. I will advise you to invest bitcoin by early of next year but you can't now because the price if bitcoin is too high in the Cryptocurrency marketplace
  2. Bitcoin is a promising coin and today it has gotten to $10,075 in the Cryptocurrency marketplace because demand is high
  3. Indeed lots of gratitude to the great bitcoin for giving me the opportunity to work online and earn by just making 30 posts daily. Bitcoin is unique I must confess
  4. I choose for the reason that it is the first digital currency and it has more value that any other Cryptocurrency that is in the market today
  5. It was some where around $7900 in the market but today bitcoin is $10,075 in the Cryptocurrency marketplace and we hope for more
  6. I think it is better for you to use one bitcoin address and make sure you keep the private key safe to avoid lost of your funds
  7. This is a very bad news but bitcoin is main for earning good money and not to be used for terrorism in the society. Am sorry for your lost
  8. Probably yes, because you can not earn bitcoin unless you have charge on your mobile phone or your computer device
  9. Bitcoin is really facing allot of challenges in the world but it is still existing because of it uniqueness in the Cryptocurrency world. Government refuse to legalized it
  10. We are always expecting to see the price of bitcoin increase in the market so that we can gain from our store of bitcoin for years now
  11. China is among the countries that dominate the Cryptocurrency world today and Corona virus is in china, definitely Bitcoin must be affected due to potential disruption if bitcoin
  12. I think bitcoin price will be above $50,000 in the year 2030. Bitcoin price is increasing every year with about 5%
  13. The government of the country refuse to legalized Cryptocurrency and bitcoin at large in the society but we hope to see that happen soon
  14. Bitcoin is the first digital currency and it price is higher than any other Cryptocurrency in the market
  15. If bitcoin is legalized, I think the rate of corruption will increase in many countries around the world because our leaders will only concentrate on BTC instead of fiat
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