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  1. Yes in the future many will use cryptocurrency as a payment and also for investment and for sure the price of cryptos will increasing thousands prices.
  2. Just dont do kyc or dont use the site that needs kyc so that your data will be secured. Ive heard that once they get your data they gonna sell it to the deep web or trying to hack you.
  3. I choose bitcoin of course because it can pump the price unlike the gold is just slow to increase it takes years to increase.
  4. Yes yobit is a good exchange those calling yobit is a scam they just want ruin the image of yobit exchange. They are just tripping.
  5. That is good news this means many people are interested bitcoin to invest. Hope the other cryptocurrency will also like bitcoin.
  6. Bitcoin was reached 20,000 dollars so this is high price, and now the price of bitcoin is 9800 dollars so this mean it is cheap. That is how you know the cheap and expensive.
  7. Lending cryptocurrency is risky better to invest in cryptocurrency not in the lending platform you will get scam in the end. Remember bitconnect, it is a lending platform they turn scam.
  8. Your opinion is wrong the dollar will not collapse because the government of the USA not supporting cryptocurrency to replace it.
  9. The advantages using cryptocurrencies are fast transaction, low fees, there is no limit to send, anonymous transact and earning money.
  10. That is good news i dont think bitcoin atm machine is supported in miami. I need to see bitcoin atm in my country also.
  11. I dont think xrp overtake ethereum because ethereum is more popular crypto than xrp so it is impossible to happen.
  12. Yes i encountered this problem and i think maybe we already so many so the server is getting error. Hope the admin fix the problem.
  13. So they send a link to download the app, that is risky he better to download antivirus so his computer can be protected.
  14. It is so sad that they use cryptocurrency to scamming people this is really ruining the image crypto especially bitcoin, but now im glad because the price of bitcoin increasing.
  15. If the bubble means like when the bubble starting to grow then it will pop up in the end?, if they refer bitcoin then they are wrong, people run the price so it can not easily manipulate.
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