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  1. Trading is not easy for everyone so we have to learn a lot and studies have shown that only ten per cent of people have made money from this market and ninety per cent have lost their money, which is why people are now posting for some earnings. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  2. I am a newbie here and I want to thank you for posting this kind of enlightening topic for newcomers like me, I think newcomers like me don't understand the rules and how this forum aims to finish their first 100 posts quickly. Through Works and your post I hope we shed some light on how this forum works among newcomers, thank you. happy Posting.
  3. I still don't know anything about money wallets. I would like to know its name and how to save it. I would like detailed and clear information on this topic. Thank you. Happy Posting.
  4. The importance of reading the guidelines and rules is to be able to maintain the arrangement, neatness and orderliness of this forum, and if you follow these guidelines and rules, you can avoid having warning points and banning your account. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  5. Yobit is much less likely to be secured wallet than your money is stolen from Yobit balance, so don't worry. If you are unsure about transferring your coins to the Coinbase app. Thank you. Happy Posting.
  6. There are many types of cryptocurrencies in the market, such as BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Call and more, depending on which one you want to buy or sell, thank you and good luck. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  7. If you post or post a good one, you won't get any benefit if those posts or comments go viral. Yet, of course, it is the self-satisfaction that many are learning about crypto. Thank you. Happy Posting.
  8. There is actually no set limit for most posts. You can post as many as you want but you will be paid for 30 helpful comments a day. If you want to post more than 30, your choice is as far as your post is helpful and knowledgeable you will pay through the forum. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  9. Well yes you should have at least some knowledge of this topic before commenting or it will be regarded as obsolete content. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  10. It can't be said step by step here, because there will be many posts on this topic, and many will post really useful ones while some will post something that does not even concern the topic, but step by step I would advise that you in each section of the topic. There, always read the rules written there. Thank you. Happy Posting.
  11. I always invest in any of the top exchange listed currencies. The largest payment currencies are not available on Yobit. Low-paying currency is available and I do not invest in yobit for this. Thank you. Happy Posting.
  12. YoBit and CryptoTalk are in a relationship.You can only comment on CryptoTalk but you will not be able to accept money from this site. You must have a Yobit account. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  13. Buying Bitcoin at Low Prices and Selling at High Prices The rules of the business, although I don't know where to buy Bitcoin, and there are plenty of scams on the internet, but if you want to earn Bitcoin, this forum is the best way to earn it. Thank You. Happy Posting.
  14. Yes there is a danger of investing heavily, because if the price goes down sometimes it takes a long time to recover the average value, as there is a lesson called Tom who invested huge sums in two currencies called Steam and Siachen. These two currencies are calculated from less than 6 months, so there is little chance of making a profit in a few months because he will not be able to sell coins at low prices and he will not know when the price will rise and when money is needed in an emergency and if he sells the currency. The less that he does the bigger the damage will be. Thank you. Happy Posting.
  15. The problem, however, is that there is not much work for anyone in the crypto world. Only block chain developers will be able to find any suitable work in crypto-currency. Thank you. Happy Posting.
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