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  1. Hey I think Bitcoin can go to 10K because as the days of Bitcoin users are increasing and the reserve capacity . I feel that crypto and the King of crypto and al is only going to get stronger with time..
  2. I am a new crypto user but as much as I have heard crypto currencies will never be replaced, because the currencies are legal and all countries are recognized. Crypto is currently used only as an investment.also to avoid having a scam and future errors in the market..
  3. This is a major issue of small exchanges that they have not enough security measures,That is why I think it is difficult to get into my wallet because I find it difficult because I have to take several steps to successfully enter..
  4. Earn $1 - $5 daily from your $200 i think it's still possible to do so but as far i know trading is good option to do so indeed that risky but the number of profit is still possible to be achieved and do not fear to get in action because you won't profit you want with $ 200 capital is a little difficult..
  5. There no problem on Crypto talk or Yob it its normal that post are being delete because the moderators consider them not useful or not constructive enough don t be sad it normally happen to, if you fail to follow rules then the post aren't payable..
  6. The change depends on the time zone which is being used by the website you are on. On some websites you can set your own time zone, i think. every time if you see the volume then you will see the past 24 hour volume..
  7. Create your account on this account Crypto Exchanger for your payment and see the third option in your name, click on the button called Crypto Talk Campaign.and send it to any address.
  8. Yes, I totally agree with you, we only waste time when we are on Facebook, Instagram and do not get anything, if we join Crypto Talk,and I also join different crypto groups on telegram..
  9. At the moment, crypto currencies are a tool for speculation. You can say anything, but in fact it really is. To understand this, you do not need to be a major specialist, if this ends with what could be compared? Well maybe with gold..
  10. For me, trading is better than crypto-writer but both of them is a great job to have but trading is most ideal to me because .Because crypto writ has a low risk but trader has a big risk to lose his cryptos..
  11. Spamming is difficult to remove, we just need to report it to the moderator so that this forum is clean from spam topics. But some just make topic. Yesterday I seen a topic which title was (.) I reported him..
  12. Transferring money into crypto is of course a very secure thing because then we can securely transfer money from one place to another, so we have to follow different sites or else who monitor and add new information to the block chain...
  13. I have not heard or seen anyone who purchase video games with bitcoin I have played the games but I never purchased and game with bitcoin only a matter of time before that becomes the main way in which we purchase games..
  14. Yes. block chain is a great invention and making the world digitalized. it will be used by us in every sector in future. so it is our future at all,of stuff but somehow they all failed. block chain are not done yet..
  15. Yes i'm already told that coin can be dump because more then 20K people join this Airdrop and maximum people sell Their token also project have not power and Low trading Volume so,All airdrop recipient did not participate in the dump since their yoda was locked in in vest box..
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