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  1. If so, it would have an impact on investors who don't suffer losses in this case. If the price is too different from the exchange to trade, we will not be able to travel between exchanges easily and only a few exchanges will dominate the entire landscape at the best price.
  2. You can easily find the answer on the web, I will also see after hearing this question because I am also interested in visiting because I don't know which countries are banned. Other countries have payment restrictions probably because they don't care about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  3. lots of new exchanges are getting into the cryptocurrency market and getting better. I hope binapex is a good exchange. To do so, we have deliberately tested trader requirements to reinforce all the competencies and highlights a trader may require in support.
  4. The funds will be transferred to expand business in Japan, develop digital services for securities, develop innovative payment solutions and issue new financial assets. there were good times, now i don't really notice such distribution.
  5. Idax is a fairly small exchange, so it does not affect the price of bitcoin. It will be different if the exchange scams are large or common. Exchanges must temporarily suspend withdrawal / deposit services until the problem is resolved. No one knows when the problem will be solved if they are able to solve it mainly so most likely lose our money.
  6. All is the best, but yobit and bittrex have low commission fees. I currently use yobit and I prefer all the other wallets.
  7. They are claiming No transaction fees on the Etherflyer Exchange while competing transactions. It takes a lot of time to load the pages and makes me miserable there
  8. Yobit will reach the top exchanges like Coinbase and Binance which are really popular soon creating a safe place for cryptocurrency traders .. instead of altcoin bonuses asking to pay you when and if they manage Reasonable to achieve anything. Yobit will enjoy the quantity and profit for this and the rest will suffer because they are incompetent.
  9. Now a lot of exchanges are hacked or it becomes very difficult to keep money in difficult situation. We should never leave our money in exchange. Of course they are not obligated to return the money to the user because even regulated brokers do not need to provide any compensation if something goes wrong.
  10. Everyone knows about this exchange because binance is the world's most popular exchange. most people use bination because it is popular and it is a popular exchange so I'm using it
  11. Everyone's KYC was not interested in the exchange and eventually died. It is different from where exchange is developed. They convert big currencies to other currencies of your choice with a good transaction fee
  12. They are produced by bots. Therefore, it is important to trade on different reliable exchanges so you should not trade on those exchanges. Don't rely on leading exchanges in coinmarketcap, just choose a reliable exchange like binance or yobit.
  13. I believe in you doing such things, you will definitely be more alert to prevent the loss of money you have. Always be cautious here make sure it is the same if you are using them!
  14. yobit withdrawal fees are not high, it is low compared to other exchanges, they are charging a heavy fee and it takes too long to receive withdrawals, fast yobit and low fees. You can sell BTC and buy XRP. After withdrawing money with XRP, I am sure the fee will be a lot cheaper than BTC.
  15. Send it to your yobit deposit address to store your money, it's like a vault to deposit money safely and securely, there's no reason to worry that you'll have to wait a while to receive it. my money. With withdrawals and deposits, yobit has played a very important role for everyone.
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