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  1. Yeah brother, i still think that centralized coin can do better in the markets, i'm already in CREXcoin, from the CREX24 platform, and BNB from Binance, even if there are a lot of doubts about this last one, because there are a rumors that the total supply for this coin is more than what they are showing in their platform and also in market cap, and the most important is: what will happen, when Binance keep There must be intervals between each coins to survive base on their performance on supply and demand on the market making their rank higher each year. Centralized coins is likely to be regulated
  2. No I don't think that cryptocurrency is scam. Obviously not. Our loss is another thing and the the scamming is another. They are not same. Someone may not get success in this field or loss his money. It will be completely his fault that he tried it without knowing it properly. But crypto is not responsible for that. Except he is hacked. It is true to avoid real The original intention of cryptocurrency is not to actually scam people but it's obvious that some people just bring up a project with wrong motives for their own selfish interest just enrich themselves Maybe in my past years but now I believe in this field because many evidence is exist like my friends that encourage me to try this when I'm bored and.
  3. When I check the messages I wrote today, I see that I have no deleted messages, but there is a difference between the number of messages here and the number of messages that appear on the panel. It's not a big problem, but I think I have a lot of messages that are not counted proportionally Hello friend When we open yobit cryptotalk compaign pannel then we find two things that one is tota nessesry poat and other is you total post. If we make 30 post then total post will shown 30.if we make total post 40 then it will shows 40. But the above option total is 100. We get payment when we complete our 100.
  4. I remember early 2019 I came across some articles that bitcoin will fall and some other currency will overtake bitcoin but as far I know we are in December already can someone tell me which crypto currency presently is more than bitcoin? I have come across so many exchanges but bitcoin There have been a lot of analogies over the years to bitcoin being a sort of “digital gold.” But how does bitcoin actually compare to gold as a storage unit of value? Can it protect against the risk of inflation the way gold does? Let’s compare bitcoin and gold and see how they stack up as wealth preservation tools.Is They Any Currency Better Than Bitcoin? Of course there are three cryptocurrencies better than Bitcoin Number 01; Bitcoin, number 02: Bitcoin and number 03: Bitcoin, are you sure you compare other crypto to Bitcoin? Do you know if Bitcoin will be banned I remember early 2019 I came across some articles that bitcoin will fall and some other currency will overtake bitcoin but as far I know we are in December already can someone tell me which crypto currency presently is more than bitcoin? I have come across so many exchanges but bitcoin.
  5. Yes i agree with you that crypto trading is more fruitful for you if you have strong knowledge about crypto world and its price movement. Yes this is the beauty of crypto world you crypto transaction cannot trace able by name and it is best for security. This is best for all because crypto remove various Sure, there are many blessings, thanks for giving me this record around crypto. The main advantage of the use of this coin is that they serve as a bridge between the real and digital economies of the world and reinforce the harmony of nations and humans all. Everywhere in the world. This will make the it is the most important The major advantage of using these coins are they serve of the and the bridge between the real& Virtual world economy & strength the earth etc it ia very nice andit is the important taskv and easy Yeah i agree with you that crypto trading is more fruitful for you if you have strongly knowledge about crypto world and price ia very low money.
  6. Raj Sozib

    Find Scam

    There is one straightforward and brisk approach to establish that Bitcoin is a Scam, and that is market value assessment. On account of real market instruments, one can without much of a stretch assess whether they are overrated or undervalued in the market. Be that as it may, on account of Bitcoin,yes, and how is the scheme that is appropriate to say bitcoin scam when we can see the market cap, trading volume, supply, and everything in the market is clearly visible and so is its value. where bitcoin also went through the lowest score when it first appeared and has also gotten its highest score You can find many scam authentification go to forum scam section.When you join a project check project rules and see their twitter,telegram group.
  7. People do not have better alternatives because they have to use this money. the dollar is pumped by the central bank like water. it has no value, it loses its value. because it is unlimited. crypto currencies are limited assets. In my opinion,For so many years that has been done since 2017 crypto currency so far are honestly became trending all over the world, and yet became rampant also to become a tools for the scammer. But still adopted by those companies who believed in it also. Which For sure the trend is growing. Cryptography I think is here to stay, more transaction agility, less bureaucracy, decentralization, less fees, I mean lower than those imposed by governments. Ultimately, you will own your asset and be able to do whatever you want quickly and conveniently. The.
  8. Ethereum can go upto $8000 in long term but not in 2020. Because it is highly effected by whales, whenever price goes high they disturb the market with increasing the selling pressure. From $140 to $8000 is long path. Whenever its price will rise with good amount it will effected by whales so rising upto $8000 it will take long time.In 2020 it is almost impossible for it to reach an exorbitant price, however, in 2022 it is possible, new companies are working with the technology that ETH provides, so friends it is time to buy and save.It is still impossible for ethereum to reach $8,000 this year. Ethereum dpes not moving upward so fast like bitcoin. It needs lot of time and improvement.
  9. Do not expect that you will become millionaires in a short time!! Do you think crypto traders are the richest people on earth? Do you have a picture of you sitting on a mountain of dollars, have you dreamed of a Lamborghini and a luxury villa? The currency market is like any other financial market and everyone should develop a logical plan and strategy in the long term. Dreaming of doubling times in one trade may be the Many crypto traders most of the time the newbies and think millionaire in just one day, crypto is a long term investment and earning of money because the price is not stable. There are a lot of bitcoin and crypto users here who earned a lot and they gained a lot of good profit and then used it for other investments. Learning and entering with a strong base makes you win, but not only live in dreams. you can still earn a ton right now. Depends on how much you have to invest obviously. I bought into crypto when I was watching TRX and Verge explode. Thought that there was too much potential to miss out. I'm down in my portfolio fiat wise, but I'm going up in BTC. I'm accumulating BTC by trading alts. Selling high and buying others that are low. Just
  10. Cryptocurrency underground system is very deep indeed, cryptocurrency relies on blockchain technology as well , so blockchain technology if implemented once in every modern digital system it will be very helpful.Sometimes it seems that way and so its important that one is able to exit in the right time so keep everything in the right perspective. dont drown in it so it will make you work as hard and prove you are doing the right thing so thats why you must be able to learn and put a lot of emphasis into this kind of really don't understand your topic very well because you didn't gave any additional details to it but if you mean that crypto is like a deep sea because we cannot measure how the market works especially the manipulation of price by big whales.
  11. Trading in currencies or forex has conditions and controls otherwise capital will be lost or at least will decrease instead of increasing first must choose a large trading platform with a well-known reputation in which millions of dollars are traded if not hundreds of millions and be protected and not risk all money once in full trading One currency. With the experience of a day after the day you will learn how to be a skilled trader in cryptocurrencies and will earn them a lot of money in any successful That is the importance of understanding effective trading strategies. The averaging technique you mentioned is often used by experienced traders to enlarge the net, I also often use this when the market allows. Back to the topic discussed by the OP, the best way to get profit from bitcoin is largely determined by the ability and passion of each person, there are those who master mining, then the best way is that. For those who master the techniques of market analysis and prediction, inveting and trading can be the best way. Then we must understand each other's abilities, don't be lazy to keep learning to take advantage of every opportunity to increase profits. Some popular ways to get cryptocurrency: trading mining investing doing bounty airdrop.
  12. Cryptocurrency has experienced ups and downs over the last few years, let's say that Bitcoin has occupied fantastic prices and then slowly dropped. Then the fresh air was felt again by the assets created by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2019, prices slowly rose, market sentiment began to improve, even one of the social media also plans to launch its own crypto assets in the coming year. Cryptocurrency has lifted the public's imagination from the storm over the past two years as a highly volatile exchange rate with fiat currencies, improved mechanisms for purchasing and use have been adopted, even the government has shown increasing interest in its activities and regulations.This limitations of supply kindly scare me. I don't want to lose the existence of Bitcoin. I hope future developers expands its supply. In the other Altcoins like Ethereum and others I hope this Currency will adapt by many countries, establishment and.
  13. Last time I was checking and Reading things online, I had someone calling yobit exchange a scam site. Calling yobit a scam means some persons are just after free airdrops, but not thinking about the future of the coin. For you to be a successful crypto trader, you must bear this in mind that you are not a coin dumper but a pumper. What do I mean by that? you must seek for the success of that coin you have. For Yobit, there are factors they apply for thier coins, which if you don't understand, you will fall out. Secondly, you will be stucked with a big withdrawal fees, which discourages you for early withdrawal. With this, I think people will learn to invest in coins and this encourage coin pumping. For me, I think We must do this for the reason that cryptocurrency does not and does not impart any other work, and I beg your pardon? you get to execute right away after the recipe is at large is to deposit the currency. It be supposed to be have got to go for financier.
  14. The more the market goes down the more i am convinced of buying more if i have the liquidity. Remember to buy when there's blood in the streets. With that said you buy and accumulate more when people go panic selling. With this what happens you buy more at a discount and the other person Of course, I'm still investing especially in trading because that is the field that I'm good at, but of course, my trading will always depend on the current market cap if I know that the price of bitcoin to be example is dumping, decreasing or not in good shape then I will not initiate in trading but if things back to normal or gotten good then I will 2019 was not good for Crypto trader and holders because price was not go higher, it continues constant 7000 to 8000 dollars around.
  15. In markets if an investor is to earn someone else is to underperform. So who wins in trading and who loses is simply determined by who can make a better prediction. Whales or large investors can manipulate markets on the direction they desire and so make small investors panic sell , and then the whale scoops up prices at discount from the seller who lost money. While the whale keeps accumulating more. We should act like the whales Whales Are the Big trader And they have All good coin and also bitcoin in large Quantity And bitcoin in thousands of amount and other good crypto in million and in Billion worth.Then can pump.
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