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  1. one of my friends told me that crypto talk now banning new accounts . they are using more than one account and also write so many useless comment
  2. i think you are right in saying that pakistan is not the only reason why we have to ruun you just need to have a btc wallet to withdraw any amount from yobit
  3. if you want to make e creative or information post, jusr share your knowledge or insights in crypto. calm and motivated also because its need for crypto currency?
  4. crypto talk has increase the time between two post do with lost of thought and betterment of crypto society, so i have no problem with it
  5. i think you are right brother because telegram is scammers i agree. in the harm to people and they are dangerous because they deceiv you much
  6. we must write new topiss and not be satisfied with only comments so that a lot knowledge about crypto currency and also you will improve your english language
  7. you can check rules of forum or go to youtube and into your yobit account and must be linked to crypto talk campaign too very good site
  8. i.think any customer sees the abuse of the rules of submission. so if you have to increase your reputations then you have to make unique and infomation post
  9. i think i'ts easy to take part in the airdrop cryptotalk event. buy you need first read the rules of the forum. then you can most importantly start
  10. i would like to say that there ar two ways in we can trade crypto currency and such as kangot or justmine, for they most excellent .
  11. its very simple dear. so you should write useful post to get follower. and we ask him you get more follower and you are most successful post in you site
  12. i just noticed that there are people who randomly give a bad. maybe admins will find a way to stop this. i hope that the supervisors will put an end to this
  13. some newbie don't know which place they read this site post were viewed as more establish models and it is modest reliably
  14. in my country we use paper money instead of using crypto currency. will facilitate the way we pay better and makr our lives easier for us
  15. after reached 100 post thank you for sharing this its really. you can earn 30k satosis every day. of your one thousand posts you could gotten to be a complete element
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