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  1. I am new and see that yo dollars token is so popular among airdrop participants, i am sure the price is too huge and i will think to buy some soon and hold it for years. i am sure that yobit will make a new strategy for YO dollars to increase again. i hope that i will have some soon.
  2. I am deciding of eth and xrp. but as of now i will hold bitcoin until halving, i am waiting for a great profit now and investing in new one couldn't help getting what i want. better to invest in bitcoin now and think other coin in future.
  3. I am thankful because as a beginner i find a way to avoid scam and avoid any losses that i will make. it should be shared in other new comers also because they are struggling on finding a great project and not a scam one. so soon this site will be popular if this will help many users.
  4. If youtube is serious about this then it is a big problem we are facing but as i read now that youtube already had an statement about it and make a action about whats happening, i feel relive because youtube is helping for spreading crypto and there are many crypto youtubers there.
  5. They are increasing they day by day but most of them are dead and not a successful project, there are listed and don't have price. there are popular at the beginning and end up running the funds. we should not this new project because they are the stealers that want our investment.
  6. For me coinmarketcap is a listing platformfor every new projects of crypto, they listed many crypto that listed also in many exchanges. there is a lot of information you can read about project in coinmarketcap and also there are many listing site like coinmarketcap to find many more projects.
  7. A million a dresses on a thousand of users. there are no millions users because every users of crypto is owning a multiple wallets addresses, we can not sure about that million and i am sure that every whales has more than 10x addresses that manipulate every small investors. but it is helping us no matter what.
  8. They don't like it because they think it is a scam, they think it will steal their money and not safe but behind of that fearness is curiosity. they want to earn in crypto and want to use crypto because a lot of people now are earning in crypto but they are afraid on starting but so soon they will like it.
  9. Most of the top 5 coin is not has not been replaced so i must say that top 5 coin is will not replace by any other coin because this top 5 are most popular coins. i read a few articles that this are the top 5 coins in many years. you can see this top 5 at coinmarketcap and you'll be amaze and want to invest in it.
  10. I read some of post here about trading but most of them aren't safe or not suggestible. as new you need to be wise and pick a right suggestion from those posters here because it will lead you sometimes on a wrong way. so you need a friend that will help you if you are new here or learn more because that is what i did.
  11. I agree, this kind of content that is commonly ask by newbies are aren't here because it is searchable in google. this information is already answered a thousand times, many articles is already written about the creator of bitcoin. but if there are many answered that didn't part of this thread or anything that we can learn, maybe it would nice to read.
  12. This is really great, game industry has many users and now they are making a huge popularity on Esports and I am actually into this game because every generation z are into it, so putting an idea to include crypto in it is great because gaming industry is huge and it make more demand in future.
  13. It is a positive outlook we need to obtain, leaving fear in investing is hard because our money is in it and many experience losing money in crypto, and loving it is a hard too because you will not know if you are losing or earning in every trading you made. but about Roomi's experience i am inspired of what i am doing now because aiming for achievement is a great thing.
  14. It is moving base on buying or selling. if there is more buyers then it will up rapidly, if there is more seller then it will drop hard. if there is a negative news and have more panic sellers expect that the price will move downwards in just a seconds. so be careful on trading because the mechanism is hard to analyze.
  15. What i read and know blockchain is a system and every wallet use blockchain system to have securities, every transaction will be made anonymously and more safer. everyone recommend it if you having a huge funds in crypto, it is more safer than making a transaction in banks. it has lowest fee's and faster every coin or altcoin you choose.
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