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  1. People who post here will never delete the post because those who post here post thinking about different things that they will know later and gain knowledge of those topics, so the old posts should be kept here and the posts will never be disappointed. If we all look at these things then we are careful that these things will remain If anyone will not delet
  2. You can definitely see your profile on your profile because the people who work here can see everything whose reputation goes into their profile, and if you want to know more about Ladies, you can read old posts or learn all about administration help.
  3. Yes, if we can collect posts or comments, we can gain knowledge on different issues later and tackle different problems here. If the post is not deleted, then we can read the old posts and get knowledge from there and solve various problems. The claim should be saved without deleting posts or deleting comments
  4. I think this website is the best post here as we get our money, so this website is very dear to me and good people who work here can gain knowledge, possess rights or make money. Which may alleviate their family needs.
  5. If the posts are not reasonable, then your ID is more likely to be wasted, so you should post reasonable and well so that everyone can read and gain knowledge. Can work here.
  6. The people who work here are thinking and thinking and posting here. This is a good side for those who work here. And write something that someone else can later learn from, and if they work here, they will be able to earn financially. Here is an example, so that the voice is to be done well
  7. I can't say exactly where we can get the application because if the application would have been better for us, I have no opinion on it. If anyone knows about it, let me know and I'll try to gain knowledge about it later and you will read old posts or admin. Learn about help.
  8. Yes, you can take a break from here. Because you do not work here continuously. You can do a little work here. You can post up to 30 posts a day. This is why you can take breaks anytime you like, so I would say that those who work here are working on breaks and work consistently becomes boring. Posting here will make everyone understand.
  9. Here it is necessary to work with VPNs in their respective countries. Because the people who work here work for their own country. Works as a country person so if working with VPN if working with VPN of another country then the name of other country will be mentioned here. So the IP number of the mobile can be changed to say. Therefore, using the VPN of Bangladesh with its own VPN, it will be easy to work here and there will be no problem if that work is acceptable.
  10. Those who practice dishonest behavior here are called crypto hooligans because those who want to act dishonestly or play with someone's ID should not be allowed to work here because everyone is here to express good opinions and do good work. If they have no right to be here, we can help a lot of evil people, so these kind of people from here We should work out safe and well so that they can be removed
  11. If crypto has given us this, then we will have many benefits because we are in a different way for each department so we can do our job faster so we will have many benefits, so demand from the administration that this grace is acceptable and that everyone can work well. Considering this, here is the opinion of everyone here that the work is aimed at time Eat and if you want to know more about this you can read old posts or get help.
  12. I can get advice from my friend because if she knows what. Then that matter will tell me that my friend's advice is important to me so that I can post better. If my friend tells me about the things I know, it will be my benefit to work here I can work well here. And if there is a problem, I can get help from the administration. That is why my friend and the administration can advise me so my friend's advice is important to me.
  13. Future forums means that people who work here can have different knowledge, know different things from here. People who get money can spend it as a handy expense that can meet family needs. People who post here know different things here. Problems can be learned with the help of the administration so those who work here can improve in the future Can do.
  14. There is a lot of information here that I can gain a lot of knowledge here so there is no shortage of information here because those who work here post different topics can still get that knowledge after those posts can get a lot of information so I would say those who work here. Let them work on thinking about different things so that they can work if they face different dangers so I say here If there is a work problem then ask the administration to work here
  15. Yes, people from different countries work here so they can work here in different languages because those who work here do not work in different languages but they work in English language here because they are allowed to work here in English language so those who work here are different languages. If used, let the English know that everyone uses them to understand these issues in the morning and these issues later So all children can learn to say what would be better than anyone else in the English language.
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