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  1. How will be the payment go through? do we need to fill up a form? 30 post a day is not bad as long as there will be no spamming on the forum. how to join the game? i want to participate on this one.
  2. Every coin has the same chance to survive, price is relative and we should follow market as the main direction. Analyze first before decide any activity because we need basic opinion to support decision. Don't buy it I believe that's not top bottom point, try use MACD for this one.
  3. I will advice you to go for Bitcoin directly because all this up coming coin don't last long, it is better to do with what you know much about.
  4. If you choose the top altcoin, then their is no way to loss your altcoins, but just choose 2 or 3 and you will be OK. Presently I suggest LTC for you as far as I know it will go up soon.
  5. if you want to compare btc with doge dont compare their prices the have different amount of coins you must compare the market cap if doge touches $0.01 its something like btc in $20k
  6. 95% or more of sh...altcoins will dies for sure because developers will run out of funds and network will die becauise of low volume and delisting from exchanges... You combine all that and you get a lot of dead coins.
  7. I don’t know if this is true, as far as I know bitcoin only, whoever has the option to pay by using it on various websites and even supermarkets in some places in the world, and bitcoin has not yet been made available for payment.
  8. There are so mnay curriencies which will pump in 2020. If you want to buy some great coins and want to save that for future then buy LTC,BTC,XRP,XVG,Monero,BTG,ETH. These are the top coin which you will buy and save it for future you will get good profit with these coins. Quote
  9. If your are new in crypto then I'll tell you that this has already happened to other coins and that's exactly why you haven't heard about them because this bear market has killed lots of projects. And people lost faith in those other coins.
  10. When it comes to money, it is better to rely on your own knowledge and thorough technical analysis. Until the problems are resolved, the Ethereum rate promises to remain stably positive. If a new, more perfect crypto appears, the situation can radically change.
  11. My first choice is Bitcoin and then second one isEthereum, however the price is now dropping so later save your money when it drops even more. See the chart of Bitcoin for one more week, if it falls or stay at that price, then buy later. If the price moves up, then immediately invest in it.
  12. I see that some people VOTED tha BSV coin is not a scam, but they never presented any real proofs or they posted no explanation about it. Court however did say something about forging and faking papers..
  13. Libra is a coin yet to be Launched and it is a Stablecoin, that is why I do not Lil it. I prefer bitcoin and other unstable coin for investing. I can only use Libra to trade if launched.
  14. Right now, it looks like Dogecoin's popularity is skyrocketing. Many studies have speculated that this coin might become one of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world by the end of this year. How do you thinks about this guys ?? Is it truth or fake ?
  15. I particularly enjoy using the Brave browser, although I remain true to Chrome by custom. But in my country the ads are not active - Brazil, unfortunately, but I am already thinking of migrating to Brave because it is very fast and safe.
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