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  1. Yes they will survive but not small projects which are launching ico big project will be survive like those who are launching ieo on big exchange because everything now is decentralized.
  2. Through YouTube we see everything in the world. Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest digital currencies. YouTube is banning crypto related videos.
  3. I think bitcoin price will go very high in the year 2020. Because nowadays everyone going to use crypto and many peoples are taking their salaries with crypto.
  4. If the crypto currency trading accepted in all over the countries then all countries need to crypto currency knowledge how it transfer the natives peoples.
  5. Most cloud mining sites are scams so I don't use any cloud mining sites so I can't help you with that.Yet if I find out something about this at a later time I will definitely let you know.
  6. Bitcointalk is the first forum that pays users for sharing their ideas among members but it only pays it's senior members, but I will recommend crypto talk.
  7. Because they have great commerce thought and they know Crypto showcase will going up for that's why they need to require portion of Crypto advertise and making great profit.
  8. South Korea is one of the most accepted countries for cryptocurrencies as well as the country of India has acceptance of cryptocurrencies and this leads to a greater spread of cryptocurrencies in the world.
  9. It was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Asia by volume. While bitcoins have long been the most-traded cryptocurrency on the exchange i think it's stoped now.
  10. I firstly started in yobit, i transferred some USD to my account via Perfect Money and then i bought my first bitcoin and started trading i made some profits there from coins pumping.
  11. They're doing all that to destroy the Cash Payments, and they only wants the Credit Cards payment so that they can tax the fees and take their profits, maybe they'll use a cryptocurrency for their country to tax everything.
  12. Lol, as we always expect a pump in bitcoin price in a new year, i think bitcoin price will go much more down or it will have a big rise in one time going up to 13,000$ or more. The good thing that we need now is news.
  13. Converting some btc to stablecoins is really good sometimes and helpful but sometimes bad if you convert and sell all your btc for stable coins and you wait for a dump then the price go up more and more... happened already.
  14. There are many good coins to hold that have a bright future, ethereum is also good and if the bullrun starts the price of ethereum can go to 2x easily, let's just don't say maybe 4x or more.. the 2nd best good coin.
  15. Whales always manipulate the market and add fake news or just a temporary news to pump some coins and sell in profit and then remove the newS. Like what happened when Monero got accepted as a payment method in Fortnite then removed.
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