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  1. I have not thought to stop using cryptocurrency, moreover the development of crypto is growing rapidly and in crypto our income can also continue to grow.
  2. yes every bitcoin that results from comments on cryptotalk goes directly to my yobit account. Automatically, yobit is a crypto wallet that is connected to cryptotalk.
  3. The wallet application is offline for storing Bitcoin, the process of a money wallet consists of purchasing private keys and Bitcoin addresses into paper. Paper wallets can also be printed into plastic, or whatever form is needed for purchasing the required information. Because it has a physical form, a paper wallet can be approved as the safest way to save Bitcoin because it avoids the threat of online crime, malware, etc. Required by NOT Bitcoin to be sent to paper like fiat money, but information available in a digital wallet or Bitcoin wallet is included.
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    during joining and following the rules and get free btc income every day after your first 100 posts.
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    I prefer to do btc mining for free, this is because I do not have enough capital to invest in crypto.
  6. Now we have also started paying using our smart phones. I imagine we pay for everything for our smart phones with cryptocurrency
  7. Talking about forex trading and trading in crypto assets, most crypto asset traders start trading from forex trading first. This is due to crypto asset trading which only appeared in 2009 long after forex was well known among its users. Forex trading itself is trading currencies (currencies) from various countries. Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange (currency exchange). The way forex works is by making transactions on currency pairs, for example when we buy Euros (European currencies) and simultaneously sell USD (American currency) or commonly abbreviated as EUR / USD. The first known crypto asset is bitcoin. Bitcoin itself is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) developed in 2009 by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency is almost the same as most currencies, but it is only available in the digital world. Bitcoin is usually stored in the Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet will be used to send and receive bitcoin, both using fees and other shipping costs.
  8. I agree crypto is a way to get rich quick. but not everyone can get rich if they don't understand how crypto works. if you really have the desire to be rich in crypto then learn about crypto knowledge.
  9. I think it doesn't matter if students invest in crypto, because crypto is easy to control and doesn't spend a lot of time. hopefully it can help students finance through education.
  10. I need 100 posts to reach the level of Jr. Newbie on Cryptotalk and now I have reached 245 posts for a week on cryptotalk
  11. yes, crypto gives me income and it is more than my daily income. it is amazing that crypto if we focus, the income for us can also be extraordinary.
  12. get income when it is online, of course yes in cryptotalk we get it. each of our posts is valued in the form of btc.
  13. I think bitcoin still dominates as the best coin followed by ethereum.
  14. of course we have to protect our crypto account from being lost or stolen. crypto is now a very valuable asset everyone wants it.
  15. There are more good things to check and than to choose the best exchange, see the following: Customer satisfaction Fees and Charges Exchange Platform Customer Support Exchange Volume Security
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