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  1. Coin is a cryptocurrency which operates independently of any other platform examples of coins are bitcoin, bitcoin cash and etherium, theses three are coins when it comes to cryptocurrencies. A token requires another platform etherium to exist and operate, examples are augur, omisego and golem. These are tokens that are built on top of eth. There are other platforms that you can build tokens upon not strictly eth, there’s nxt, omni, and waves.
  2. For example, some ICO projects have sought to utilize not-for-income entities as the issuer of ICO tokens as, on the face of it, these entities are exempt from corporate cash flow tax, and so may perhaps avoid an earnings tax legal responsibility next tokens currently being issued ico explained. Absolutely everyone appears to be like at the huge prospect with ICOs, and 1 rarely seems in the downside hazards associated for carrying out a single perfectly, but sloppy simultaneously ico explained. We expect we have a doing the job solution to aid make an informed evaluation initial coin offering of the given solution during this domain. Even though many of the critical parameters are usually not measurable, we discovered an easy and transparent matrix by which to judge an offered ico
  3. Many people invest their money into ICOs hoping to get a quick return on their investment, hoping that the price of their investment will rise and they will be able to cash out. ICo takes place when a company sells cryptographic assets known as tokens in order to raise funds for its operations. Tokens being sold play a role in the project and those who buy in early are getting them at a discount, assuming that the project succeeds. Company usually opens the sale of tokens for a limited time frame and until the money they need to raise is reached.
  4. ICO is kind of like an IPO but for cryptocurrencies. An IPO (initial public offering), is when corporation decides to open itself up for the public to trade its own stocks and raise funding. In that sense, ICOs are basically a proposal to add a new coin on the market. It’s crowd funding for cryptocurency, essentially. With these ICos, you can invest your money and get access to tokens that may potentially gain value. If you have the technical knowledge to develop your own coin or token, you can even initiate your own ico to fund and start the circulations of your coin.
  5. Don’t invest in cryptocurrency space if you don’t understand well. Like myself I wouldn’t invest in anything unless I truly understand it. You need to study the space, understand wash cryptocurrencies are. Understand what you’re investing in and take your time, spend a couple of months reading about it, become an expert in the field. Once you have a grasp around the industry or the technology then you can get started. Open an account on any single exchange, you can go to kraken or coinbase those are simple ones, easy to set up and deposit some money. Don’t start big, people think they become rich investing crypto that’s not the case.
  6. We’re a t a defining moment in the financial system. Lot of people have said the revolution has occurred. Not so sure that is occurred yet, but it has the potential to be there. Banks are at the heart of financial system. Without banks, it would be very difficult to make payments, very difficult to create credit, it will be very difficult to create money. We’ve already seen a lot of technological disruptors enter financial services. Examples would include, not only digital currencies like bitcoin, but also p2p lenders, crowd source funding, and a whole variety of other innovations that people are coming up with as ways to not use deposits to fund lending.
  7. Cryptocurency has a lot of benefits to us especially now. Transparency, you cannot cheat the system without letting others know about that. This is why bitcoin or eth had their rough days with someone exploiting the loopholes but due to the fact that everyone could see what was happening the loopholes were closed in a short period of time with their determination of community and developers. When you have to send money to someone from another country, you will finally realize why cryptocurrencies are the winners here. Is it not only expensive to send money but you also have to put a lot of effort into feeling a lot of necessary paper for it
  8. Lot of countries in the world either don’t understand crypto, they don’t like it, they’re actively working against it, and that can be challenging for folks who are having trouble even making investments that they want because of rules and regulations that aren’t crypto friendly. Every crypto investor should have a second passport, just because of the changing nature of regulations. In terms of countries themselves I think that what’s been interesting is seeing so many small countries come up and say they want to be a leader in the cryptocurrency space. What I love about the world today is that you have almost 200 countries they all want to put themselves in the map in some way
  9. Where the market sentiment is at as a whole as well as your individual emotions and sentiment and how to control those when trading or long-term investing. The final layer I guess is technical analysis to look at specific price points or market actions. When diving into trading psychology i think are really important to be aware of and that you need to acknowledge before you decide to participate in this space. And there’s no doubt that in this space is risky and more volatile than any other market in the world. You need to control your emotions, and markets go up we all get that adrenaline rush when we see the green on the screen we get excited and that’s what creates that forward move
  10. Ripple has over a short time become a global sensation in international funds transfers. blockchain startup is known for developing cutting edge payment systems connecting banking institutions globally. Ripple already has more than 200 partners under its ripple network. Ripple also launched on-Demand Liquidity, a platform is geared towards enabling faster and cheaper cross-border payments The On-Demand Liquidity continues to gain traction, spearheaded by MoneyGram. With this product, companies can easily expand in new markets as liquidity problem is solved. Following the downtrend experienced in 2018, Ripple and other major cryptocurrencies spent most of 2019 fighting to break the losing streak. XRP started the year 2019 trading around $0.36.
  11. I’m still skeptical of eth long-term viability. I believe in the short term eth is gearing up for something big in the short term. And the reason I have that confidence is, eth just received a big green flag from the cftc, cftc has just confirmed that eth is a commodity so what this means for you is I believe this should give institutional investors as well dap developers a big go signal for eth in this year 2020. Another one is eth is a dap platform, recent statistics that q3 last 2019 showing that eth has more new users, has more active users and has more new daps than otter competing cryptocurrencies
  12. not a chance i would ever invest in some trash ICO created by a fascist regime on the brink of causing an all out civil war. aside from basic ethical reasons, isn't this token also extremely unstable from oil price volatility and the possibility of further deterioration of the country? the legality of doing this has been disputed by their parliament. i wouldn't recommend touching any government issued currency when its validity is being disputed by that government's legislative body. A bit scary to invest in a bankrupt country ... It seems to me that they are just trying to settle debts with the world.
  13. There are some I would say scams out there for getting free cryptocurrencies. But there are at least couple of ways that I found of actually getting free cryptocurrencies. Surveys, you can fill in some questions online and they’ll pay you in bitcoin or whatever but in my experience this isn’t a particularly good way of earning cryptocurrencies because you have to put quite a lot of effort to fill in the surveys and then they don’t pay you very much in bitcoin less than you would get actually if you just joined a regular survey site where they can pay you anything
  14. Encourage you to open the door to researching/investing. Don’t be too scared of the unknown. You will miss this opportunity since it’s so time sensitive. Buy and hold - my strategy (hedge against inflation)(Warren Buffet made his fortune buying and HOLDING not buying and day trading like crazy) Initial Coin offerings - How to get risky with it Potential upside is massive Trade actively - Mostly altcoins to make money Hard to do with big coins Bitcoin Lending I won’t go into this - it looks like a scam they claim 1% interest per day. Just seems sketchy, but people are making money this way. I wouldn’t do this but I put it here in case you want to do your own research
  15. The supply and demand of bitcoin plays a big factor in the prices. Currently, there is supposed a cap of 21m btc. When that cap is reached, btc mining will no longer create new btc. The supply of btc has reached 16.8m in January 2017. Meaning that around 80% of the total amount of btc have already been mined and made available to the public. As we all know in general economics, the price goes up when the demand cannot keep up with the supply. Platforms allow investors to buy and sell btc, through connecting buyers and sellers in their in-house marketplace.
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