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  1. Now most of countries feeling that this cryptocurrency is fact and they cannot stop or block this so they are trying to involve in this but they are doing this all with their own way because they don't like decentralized exchanges and coins now they are promoting centralized coins for their own sack and many central banks already working on this idea which is good for crypto world
  2. Тоже самое было, походу это либо какие-то домены или что, я попробовал с ВПН и тоже не работало, но странно, с телефона зашло, тоже самое с Е Мани, с ПК намертво не заходит, как бы не старался, но с телефона на урa
  3. For the awaited coin today this coming march is the coin Libra that is release by the facebook because now they want to make adaptation into the world of cryptocurrency and still we are waiting on it and the market price it will release
  4. Thanks for the upscale topicI explained the difference between individual and group mining in an excellent and simple wayPool mining is the strategy that all mining companies currently follow
  5. I really dont trust those coins on Yobit exchange because almost are scam and fall down so fast and never increase at all . So dont hold them at all
  6. Thank you very much for sharing this brochure and information, it is totally new to me, and the values of a giant company like Samsung to develop a portfolio or blockchain is quite interesting and I think your words are true about his work eth. We have to buy it and invest it for another time
  7. You can know the wallet news through social media and even if it is closed it will not affect it because simply we can use another wallet like blockchain
  8. Yes that's right. Our own personal questions that we want to be answered. Wr could also right about a topic that will give members knowledge about stuff in crypto. Also topics that could help the community or suggestions of how to improve onesel
  9. It not harmful to have a connection with just a single wifi or internet router because cloud flare detects your device's ip address not its connection
  10. Yes I certainly agree that crypto currency can be used to improve things like this so lets hope that something like this happens in various parts of the world soon
  11. If the correct size is specified, then the photo will aim to use it. The correct size of the photo, this is the size that is indicated
  12. Why i think Blockchain is the future! Blockchain technology is changing the world .Being able to traverse with freedom and confidence is what many want and blockchain can facilitate that advantage to the actiaul world, Bitcoin and Litecoin . Many people have this in the last few years, and now, they still want to get involved deeper into blockchain technology
  13. Twitter is also a social page like Facebook. They also plan to create cryptocurrencies for their platform. If they continue to create stablecoins, are there any organizations that support it? I expect them to make detailed plans
  14. One of the best way to avoid scammer is to not trust anyone on the internet because people can play with your mind and controls you for their own good so I think trust is the key to avoid being scammed especially over the internet
  15. Strongly agree that many beginners are very greedy and just want to produce Bitcoin just do this cryptotalk forum without reading and understanding the rules. I think according to that is what makes a bad image on cryptotalk. Taoi I am sure that the admin will always delete useless posts every day
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