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  1. I don't know about love or hate yobit because I'm new to cryptotal. I haven't done any transactions yet so I don't want to say anything about Jobit that I hate or love cryptotal.
  2. I want to celebrate too so I thank you for this post. I saw all the comments in this post. It helps me a lot to know more about the garden. So I appreciate you.
  3. You should follow the rules of this site you If you follow these rules properly, I hope you do not face any problems with the cryptocurrency market. The online currency market is valuable for innovation.
  4. If the public IP that you can use is already used by someone, you will not get the IP address if it is fresh You are not logged in to any public IP in your account to avoid being banned.
  5. It's very easy to join any of your IOs. You just have some bitcoin and can wait for the countdown to go undone. Go to the link in your email and buy something for the currency by specifying the exchange.
  6. This is the best and safest wallet to store all cryptocurrency coins. There are plenty of wallets that are popping up everywhere. Can anyone recommend 1 multi-cryptocurrency wallet?
  7. An exchange is a marketplace in which securities, products, derivatives and other financial instruments are traded. Exchanges give companies, governments and other groups a platform from which to sell securities to investors.
  8. You need to be very specific about the topic you are about to post. It will take me 3 hours to finish them all but it will still be up to you. And if the post or comment is okay, the important thing is to get information from the crypto.
  9. Sales of Instagram or Twitter followers are really bad for shoppers. Because it's too risky and their account information is at risk of being stolen.
  10. There are genuine websites that provide this kind of learning information.however, You really need to find something different and make sure. We are able to identify everything in the right place, there are many good icons that you can start with a company, and like print media ban, but also check out the Coinmarket website which will really help you.
  11. There is no cryptotalk app available yet, but let's see, who knows. This can be a good move if they have a mobile app in the forum.
  12. Hi companion, welcome to cryptotalk. This gathering may be a stage where you'll gain cash without contributing any cash. As it were you would like to take up the rules and beginposting.
  13. Nickname: budaiAddress: mistake 404Date Joined: januaryHobby: Sleeping Favorite color: blackJob: studentFavorite coin: BTCWhen you see BTC: 2020Motto: in no way trust.
  14. I think that ineo events that run in a good exchange.there is a strong possibility that the coin is an exchange run ieo in their platform, surely listed that coin in this exchange some ieois more trusted
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