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  1. But i think it is too hard to have an exchange,because there will be more drawbacks and some loss obtain also you need to work with your own funds.so be careful to do that
  2. Yobit have lot of problems, their payment system is problem, their support system is very poor their response in support is to nill. So investing on their platform is totally risk, Who ever is doing that on their own risk.
  3. I think the future of the cryptocurrency will be bright because you can know that the value of the bitcoins increase every day so that future of that will definitely bright one we can invest
  4. It's a great initiative to donate to Taal Volcano Victims through Bitcoin.Donation using the Bitcoin is also helpful for the Black money holder ,Also thanks to the flexibility of Bitcoin. It can be converted easily and yes, it can help too just like other cryptocurrencies.
  5. If you are talking about currencies you mean that's cryptocurrencies and fiats currencies, where by USD are the most used currency in the world so that's means USD is better than bitcoin, I say USD is best than bitcoin because of its popular and most used currency.
  6. Yes,I do research myself so that I can verify if it is a trustworthy project and if I will get any profit when I participte on it.It is hard to think i fall on those fake projects because it has very high chance its a scam. I think i need to be more careful.
  7. Of course cryptocurrency can be of great help to us especially in online transactions,crypto is the future brother , in 4 , or 6 years all world will use crypto,And since bitcoin is already old and trusted a lot of people will use it
  8. Steem was awesome project, we can easy earn from blogging over there is good platform but i think it is like impossible to make money with them.They should explain their algoritms more so we(users) could understand it more!
  9. I think i spend 3 hours in this crypto talk every day because this is a good platform to earn and be knowledgeable the points and topics present here will be more useful to me thanks for that.
  10. Crypto mining is the process of transaction of money from the account to the user account of the blockchain, which is used to add new currency to existing inventory turnover. Crypto mining is a key component that provides crypto currency for operating on a decentralized P2P network without the need of any third party authority.
  11. My opinion is that bitcoin will rise in the price of the month the coming year, because these are holidays and the time for the transition to the new year is coming. I keep my bitcoins until the next year.
  12. From my opinion i would like to say that yes cryptocurrency helps country in its economic status think so because there is no tax regarding cryptocurrencies.Because by the currency earned from crypto can solve unemployment problems.
  13. For me the greatest achievement in this Crypto Currency world is to earn my first money in this site. So because of this I'm still continue to read and to learn how this stuffs works to advance my knowledge in the future.
  14. The price of bitcoin will not affect the rate of usd and a large demand will be received, because the majority will sell its bitcoin at this high price in order to achieve profits
  15. Crypto is a huge opportunity for us.there are a lot of people who turned into buying crypto, booming on bitcoin has begun since 2017. Where many people are starting to hope to reap the benefits of bitcoin.
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