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  1. If you really want to earn money then you need to work in bitcointalk. Because these earning depends on ranking.
  2. The investbox is the feature of yobit or service of yobit. The Yoda coin was listed before few days. Now this coin fully launched.
  3. I think that that the administrator was buyed this website themes and layout from other users. So the administrator is not happy to update it site.
  4. Do you think, if the bitcoin market will be much low as you write in the topic,then the gold price will be? What is your expect?
  5. The cryptotalk was give me 1 warning point that was given to me mistakly because the moderator consider that he writed the reply in out of topic but I removed this at the same day. So do not worry about writing. Only useful writing use.
  6. Ufra


    I think that you are wasting your expensive time in the crypto fake airdrops. So you need to work in this website for good earning.
  7. It is not a good rule to copy contains for get paid. This money you earned is not real money. So try to seek knowledge and share to other.
  8. The rules of the cryptotalk is not contains lie. If you earn real money you need to accept these general rules that appeared about forum topics.
  9. I think that the. Cryptocurrency is a global online currency. If the south Korea regarding taxes but. The traders cam get complete their method by private features.
  10. It is very courageous for those students who are fond of seeking the knowledge. The cryptotalk is giving these tasks and also giving money.
  11. The are a new invention that the cryptotalk users sharing by writing topics. The Facebook is for time waste only.
  12. I think that the only blockchain and coinbase and Hxro( that was ended) airdrops are only real but all other are scam.
  13. Since every website owner wants that my website should be top from other websites. So he use limitations for avoiding spamming.
  14. The member give the reputation if this is useful for only this. But the other people not consider that it is useful or not.
  15. The topics and comments are being paid in yobit that contains useful information and unuseful topics or comments can be deleted.
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