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  1. its a set off obtain intergation or enlargement that helps to ease the extent of oppose by conpressing thru cannels this helps the transctions fling the signed swiftly as blocks turn into lighter
  2. Yes i totally agree with you leaving your coins at a small exchange is very risky. But i also leave my coins at binance because i trust binance and its the best exchange out there
  3. It is hard to get rich even if you were hardworking in crypto, but better if you start your investment today or maybe wait for the right time or you to start investing, or the best way you can do to earn money is to start trading so that you can store all of the profits and maybe one day you will become rich like other people.
  4. very easy china will do it since it has a hugepotential for influence and manipulation, a lot of insider information, the more they are engaged inthe manufacture of chips for cryptocurrency mining.
  5. I like crypto beacuse working crypto we can earn money. Crypto as a income os very good forum. I think every country most of the people used crypto and earn money.
  6. I think The start of the year 2020, has seen a great increase in price of Bitcoin, today it is around 9,200$ and is likely to cross 10,000 $ by the end of the month. And it is also predicted that by end of year with halving, price would be around 20,000$.
  7. I m not investing right now I hold some Bitcoins, I have invested in some coin, but right now I see they have down lower than my buy price, so I will wait if they will go up or I will stay just keeping Bitcoins. some on those new coins
  8. There are a few cryptocurrencies such as Tezos where you can buy it and invest for a possible future price rise, but you can also stake it for a standart time and profit by earning more of it. There are many tokens that provide these kind of airdrops.
  9. I think bitcoin is a expensive price.Because in this time it is more valuable of any other coin.It is still better that it's price move to suddenly rise and suddenly fall
  10. All depend about how will be the market price in this year if the Bitcoin price rise there are many who sell their Bitcoin, so I think the value of capitalization will grow more and more again
  11. If what I remember is correct, my very first online wallet was Blockchain. I think that was the first wallet I've been using in the very old days. It's not very known back then, but right now it's very popular.
  12. digital currency is made by the purpose is transfer amount which is independent as centralized like banks now digital currency works in marchants and shops its good for us to buy any items and paid in bitcoin and transaction are easy and shopping also easy through crypyo currency
  13. I think that around fifty percent of the whole world already knows about Bitcoin, since in 2017 it was in the news. Most probably don't remember it though, but the next time they hear about it they will certainly want to know more. It is like everyone of us. We heard something in the news, didn't care much until either someone else that was involved pushed us in, or we read another news report that was intriguing.
  14. Now is the best time to do business because now the price of all the coins is higher now if you have bought different coins in the past, now you caneasily sell and you will earn a lot of income.
  15. Namecoin is the first coin that appears after Bitcoin. Where in the past when mining bitcoin will get Namecoin by merged mining method. Because Namecoin is indeed a fork from Bitcoin. And was created on April 18, 2011.
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