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  1. Of course crypto is a great digital forum for helping all users.specially for earning and also you get a lot of knowledge and learning as well. it is easy to use and most of people try to start online earning because there is little risk to lose to your money...
  2. Of course crypto is a great digital forum for helping all users. It has bright future as its prices are high and it makes good profit. This is very important for us. I think it will help us very much in future. This site is very helpful..
  3. If you want to post good content with your comment then , surely get the proper information about the topic and post in proper have follow rules and regulations and the post should having minimum 100 character..
  4. I believe that cryptotalk help all time and future and this site opportunity to earn. It is helping to reduce is helping to improve economy of the whole world.cryptotalk is helpful for everyone .
  5. I think they must follow the rules of fourm..If you want to post good content with your comment then , surely get the proper information about the topic and post in proper must read and learn about cryptotalk and so many things..
  6. Actually I agree with you. Because I think crypto future is bright.Crypto is our future way to earn money.Many people started work in crypto.In the future crypto will spread around the world..
  7. The first salary is the fitst achievements in this forum. I was very happy when I use my first money. This forum all time give real informations. And My first achievement with forum is achieve knowledge in crypto currency. I love crypto..
  8. I will advice new membar. You have to write useful post. Never copy paste any post. Follow this site rules very seriously. Don't use multiple account in same ip.In addition, the account may be banned if you do not follow its specific rules. So everybody has to be careful..
  9. Thank you for sharing it will help me and also new members here in cryptotalk.Telegram bots are not suitable for earning and most bots are fake. It is now steal and not new again that we should be careful of telegram. It is full of fake things that are din by scammers..
  10. My advice to the newbie here. Rules is the most important for everyone . If they don't follow rules of cryptotalk , their accounts will be banned . If you want to be a good member then follow forum rule like dont copy or pastehere.thanks for your good topic..
  11. This is true crypto currency is our a days many people are interested to this site and learn about this site.Crypto will continue to progress so that everyone needs crypto as their needs...
  12. I think Free fire games is a very very enjoyable game.. Most other people like this can get from playstore. If you don't work on free fire then you don't have to get them. Free fire is The one the best game that I liked so's Very enjoyaable Game Now a day.It's Online Best Game..
  13. Yes, the cryptotalk helps you to earn additional income.You can earn money from this forum by posting. You can not only earn money from this forum but also you can learn about cryptocurrency from this is the best forum for earning and learning.and this site is very helpful..
  14. l think cryptotalk will be helpful for additional income in the sense that it will serve as a good addition to other income made during the week or month.students like me are able to learn and earn through this campaign easily sitting in home..
  15. There are many reasons to ban an account.if you used your phone to work with two account you will be banned..Read carefully all the forum rules and follow them. Post useful contents (posts and comments). There you will be safe in your account...thats all..
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