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  1. If you dont have much money then writing is the best option. That mean crypto
  2. no i am not investing as i am a beginner. But when i will know more about investing i wilk try to invest
  3. I think bitcoin will last long. As it the first cryptocurrency. And it is very reliable. People are now interested in bitcoin
  4. Mifu

    Crypto future

    The future of crypto is very bright. People are knowing crypto more now. People want to use it now
  5. many people are investing on bitcoin. So people wait to increase the price of bitcoin
  6. Mifu

    Crypto future

    I think crypto will have a great future. As it is getting popular day by day. People are using it Worldwide
  7. Crypto is such a good business. Of course it depends on their government.
  8. I think the future of crypto is very bright. It is becoming famous day by day.
  9. I am doing nothing such special. I just donate some of my incomes. And also crypto is giving my Pocket money.
  10. Success depend on a person. You have to hard worker person. You should have knowledge about trading then you should start trading
  11. Why you will repeat same mistake again and again.? Try to learn from the mistakes. And dont do it again.
  12. i really dont think that it is true. As bitcoin is a digital currency it has same price Throughout the world
  13. i really dont know that they have atm for bitcoin or not.. But if the have its a very good thing
  14. banks are creating there own crypto-currencies as they want to controll everything.
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