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  1. Cryptotalk is giving us very decent amount of bitcoin satoshi and we feel joy when we get amount like this to our hardwork and every crypto lover really like this platform. Yobit is also giving its free claim and many coin are also very decent there.Cryptotalk is already the best cryptocurrency forum and the second best is miles behind right now.
  2. You have to risk more for the profit to be much higher. I recommend that you invest in a lesser known currency, which can bring you a large amount of money. But invest after researching the project, do not choose random.if you have little amount in your pocket, you have to make small investment, its all depends on you.
  3. Bitcoin should not be made illegal by nations just because it is used by criminals. Well there is a point to be made that the anonymity of Bitcoin makes it a favorite among criminals. In fact, there has been an increase in ransomware attacks in recent years, as outlined in the graph below.the world is full of circumstances that is why it's all in our hands how to stay away from those negativity.
  4. Dogecoin is one of the old crypto created just after Bitcoin, but from this day today nothing happened with his price is very low and also in some websites exchange market not listed, I think because not publicity and promotion of this coin.we are all after a coins that is more popular.
  5. Its potential rising with the help of bitcoin halving. If something bad happen with it, we can assure you that if would rise again somehow and will not become like the other cryptocurrencies who didn't survive the bearish trend. Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Mine bitcoin through the cloud, get started Now.
  6. If a government do not accepting they will remain behind from success. Blockchain technology is also a great revolution in this era. and it can help the governments very much. if cryptocurrencies can assist governments and I don't think that this is their ittention. They are mostly helping individuals and solving problems corporations are facing.
  7. Crypto is actually doing a lot of work, with these activities I can earn a living by working on crypto and spend my education, so I think cryptocurrency is playing a very important role in everyone's life.I'm just a student I can earn enough income using the site involving crypto currency so I have emergency money for the future.
  8. You can earn from brave browser but it is not easy. You can earn by viewing ads and referring to others. Earning by ads is just nill because ads frequency is very low but you can earn with refers. Brave browser is giving opportunity to earn money for everyone. You can earn more than five dollar for every vaild referral.
  9. Cripto currency is known only by few people but someday the possibility of the crypto currency most specially the bitcoin will be the national paper notes i think it will happen in 10-30years from now.we can assume that the price of crypto currency will certainly increase though they are decreasing for some time.
  10. There is a lot tips that we need to follow, or we are going to lose our money there, anyway thanks for your tips and happy posting for you, good topic you made .we should never trade all our money and the greed of earning should be avoided. Also for good trader a user should properly see the crypto market.
  11. They are countries that think that by releasing this technology, their economic bases will be demolished, and their local economy will be greatly affected, I think they are quite retrograde and cannot go against the tide.every government in various countries only wants to protect their citizens from the effect bubble.
  12. They said they achieved good things and i am sure they will make a tech that will change the world but nope it cant kill blockchain because Blockchain is a system that makes everything more safer.It will be used at different areas too.Lets see what will google make in the future.lets see how powerful it can be and how it will be used.
  13. Sathosi Nakamoto is indeed a very genius person as he said that Bitcoin is not ready for something this big. but the reality is inversely Bitcoin is surprisingly unimaginable.it burst globally and made some innovations and achievements including digital currencies that has now been use by most of us.
  14. The transaction cannot be canceled when it has been confirmed, and it will be detrimental to the person who wrote the wrong address because the asset cannot be returned. second, still vulnerable to hacking. but on the bright side, this crypto transaction is very fast and simple. It cannot be traced and known, crypto can also be used as a tool for illegal activities.
  15. Actually it was happened many times in yobit due to shortage of reserves which are added to this sector. When the funds will be added to the cryptotalk section it will be allowed to send balance to wallet balance.they probably have fixed it right now i am not facing this problem when i transfer
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