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  1. All you need to do is blockchain technology and you can creat your token,your token transaction by blockchain technology.
  2. If you buy a lottery ticket,you have chance to win a can win just one tiket.buying more tickets increase chance of winning a prize.
  3. As far as i know only biycoin who ever has option to pay using it on various websites even supermarkets some places in the world.
  4. In my opinion the difference between libra and bitcoin,bitcoin is decentralized while libra is centralized.then libra is stable coins.
  5. Crypto currency is universal currency the all coin will used for long time but india they are happening wrong with crypto currency,the 107 lawyer take decision band bitcoin in india market but just temporary.
  6. Monero whats makes bigger is its history,its great use many by many marketing and merchants is incredible,if ho to deepweb you see its use in greater detail.
  7. The shortest coin i ever have and i heard was bitconnect lots of people fooled and this coin had a chance to enter the top 100 in cmc.
  8. Crypto currency,some country's not yet accept such thing would their restricted use of all this exchange,for example sportbet,you can play the game in Dubai its restricted.
  9. Mhack09

    Yobit app

    Also can use yobit from mobile device in web,there is no mobile app,most prefer web for trading,you can make mistake doing trade via mobile or app.
  10. If you invest your coins you can earn money from daily interest from yobit at there and percentages of profit will depend on the coins whick you invested.
  11. In yobit exchange its very easy yo exchange btc to ltc,you have to make account in yobit then deposit btc go to btc market in exchange and search ltc
  12. Theq best for me is yobit,aqnd that exchange is good for me I don't have any experience about bittrex.
  13. You find some of your belongings list on yobit,some are in binance,not all token are in binance.or in yobit.
  14. Everyone wants low fees exchanger,the main quality of an exchange is volume and exchange fees too.every exchange has more volume their popularity also more.
  15. This forum good for you,if you want real deal,just trading.remember only invest only what you're willing to lose.
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