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  1. I am also agree time is too much important for every person it is also a wealth for every one we must save our time and never waist our time in extra or un healthy works.
  2. I just join it with out any goal after joining my first goal is to earn money then second goal is to get knowledge so i hope i will achieve my whole goals InshaAllah.
  3. Yes this is a good thing for older and also for new commers. We get variety of knowledge from this platform.
  4. First my goal on this platform is earn money and after money my second goal is to get knowledge.i get alot knowledge by this platform.
  5. Yes exactly we can get alot knowlodge by this platform along with money.it is a good plaform and also a sorce of knowledge .
  6. I am new member and i also try to write meaningfull comments so i think no all new members write meaningless comment.
  7. Yes we all guys use a strong password for our account.By using a strong pasword our account will be save as well as.
  8. We must talk about this platform to my family and friends.my family member tell me about this plat form so after this i join it.
  9. Yes there are alot boots it depends on user choice.we may earn well amount by these boots.
  10. Oh guy thanks alot you gave good instructions to all guys.this is most informative instruction.i will try both these wallets. I am new commer so i have no idea about this.
  11. Oh Good info but thats not enough to protect our money from fake trading sites! Its very risky to invest our real money in trading especially if we do not have much trading skills. Its better to use our crypto that we are earning online from different tasks to trade with, or at least read some posts about trading from google so that you can get even a little skills then tyr it
  12. Yes i also really sure about the crypto talk and i also do not leave this forum for any reason.guys it gives us best opportunity to earn money with nice and good comments for the topics they gave us.
  13. Exactly there are many great platform incresing for the income in online.well,we all earning money online like crypto.crypto is alsoo most helpfull plat form. Yes i agree with your point beacuse my one family member earn alot money from this platform.I will also try to do best.so i think also there are many easyways to earn from online.
  14. Hi friend you share a very helpul and informative information with us.I realy get many knowldge by your post i shall be thankfull to you for such a informative post and please share always informative posts.
  15. Yes i agree with your point of view we learn alot from our seniors our seniors also treat us like a small child.for example when we went to school than our seniors give us full instruction about school rules and regulations.
  16. Exactly,i am also a new commer i will also try to follow the whole rules of this forum strictly.I think reading guidelines are most important beacuse rule of every thing is most important we must not voilate the rules.
  17. I entered before 4days in crypto.i hope this experince will be good for me.I hope you all guys have a good experience from crypto.You all guys wish me with best wishes.I was so impressed from this app crypto and i will also try to do best and fully enjoy crypto.
  18. Come on gyus, no one can guarantee a new ICO will be present,this may be fraud or not. We must not look for those ICO which is not so popular now. Isn't it now that IEO has entered the era, which has proven to be safer than ICO.so we must use IEO we dont prefer ICO.
  19. Yup,thats true but one need to be careful that it's not okay to keep the coins in any exchange. May be sometime they can get hacked or any accident can happen. And if that happens then you will lose everything you have there.so we must always be carefull.
  20. febriyana 51 Posted December 11, 2019 Yes that is a normal for new coin. Where some people can make a group to pump some coin together. Also i see the price now is around 14 satoshi, where for the pumper is still easy to pump or dump. I just give advice to not fear of missing out, because that price not mirror of the value of that coin. Also the coin still not listed on coinmarketcap, please be careful. This app helpful for the poor people.
  21. Yes i think. The only way is to contact the support and they will send you a email adress to proceed to the change of the password, But in you can not log in to your email they can't help you and I'm sorry to say that your account is gone. First thing to do is try to recover you email and then see with yobit Youbit account is a good account.
  22. Yes I suggest you to not use them, I mean only few of them are honest, or really paying, I tried many of them when I was new in crypto world but I didn't benefit anything from them, ask before you try anyone of them, don't waste your time on them its good pay for the poor people.
  23. This is a policy of the forum admin, and controller that the posts that are deemed not constructive will be deleted. Many people use crypto and the bad thing is, if your post hasn't been counted by yobit, then your 29 posts don't count there and you have to repeat the post. I have also very experienced a post deleted, but I don't try to recover, but just let it happen what is the must be done is to improve the quality of our posts and crypto
  24. Yes I think there is a no problem between CryptoTalk and YoBit, they continue to work very well. If there was any problem and you did not receive payment via cryptotalk you comment on the work crypto then your payment is going to Yobit. Yes I think the counts decreases because of the repeating comments on same posts or posting same topic so don't worry see and post carefully its a problem for any people you work hard and write the right post.
  25. The reason for no leave from crypto yes i will Answer some questions. because i have a hobby and have become jobs at crypto im happy to sharing education about crypto with all friends meet lots of new people with more exprience and can learn from each other crypto giving impact on my finances through various activities such as bounty , become a community manager , become on forum or other many people not work hard they have no money and no work crypto help poor peoples
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