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  1. students based on there needs and feelings, my country have a lots of bsc holder with no jobs, if they let the students learn with there needs
  2. read the rules and regulations of the forum first before doing anything else.I suggest you learn first about how the forum works before aiming to earn in the forum.its a pleasure to work with you mate.
  3. cryptotalk is that it just started recently and they launched the campaign of giveaway for the top post.
  4. income and and you can invest on some of the money and you can trade some of it. Yes i will use this forum to post even if i start trading.
  5. I just like the "For Fledglings" segment since the points posted here are particularly valuable for fledglings to know all approximately
  6. I learned a lot of things since that time and I have subscribed and tried a lot of sites and applications
  7. opinion i have same opinion like you . I have experience if this experience exists. And the diversity of this forum is one of its most important feature.
  8. earnings this money we can also do trading on cryptocurrency and earn good profit. Cryptotalk is the best forum to earn easy money to pay our personal expenses.
  9. can ise and apply while i am working here.and so many solution for the problems they are facing each day so i choose beginners section.
  10. similar problem with our friend but do not worry because I know that the website administrator and moderator will fix it as soon as possible.
  11. salma786

    Help me

    opportunity to gain knowledge and informations about cryptocurrency and at the same time earn side money with it.its a pleasure working with you mate.
  12. bitcoins won't be lost. It could be a technical problem or the yobit wallet is empty. Wait for everything to be corrected soon
  13. hard words so it is difficult to understand so try to use simple words because everyone is not extra ordinary in understanding.
  14. which is useful for beginners here, so that their accounts are not canceled and banned. It is important for members to read forum rules well so that they are
  15. first stable coin ever made and is backed up by banks and other financial institutions and that what makes it very promising.
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