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  1. And exchanging if bitcoins are becoming famous and it is user friendly also. .compare to gold as a storage unit of value? Can it protect against the risk of inflation the way gold does? Let’s compare bitcoin .
  2. really appreciated give the chances to learn the crypto currency present every one want crypto currency and gives earning also .crypto talk forum also for keep it up and enjoy free earning on daily .
  3. market going down. Very often people lose because of greed, or because people are too sure of themselves and because of the not correct assesment of the situation on the crypto .
  4. can kill, profit is still profits even how small it is. Their eagerness or grediness to get more lead them to nothing. Those small gain everyday soon can be big enough..time.but they just forget that many people also wise and investing their.
  5. .So if crypto currency have value like fiat and can be spend like fiat in any field. one can stay on crypto without converting to fiat currency, in the real world crypto is just useless that's theAmazon is the only reliable and well-established shop that I know will accept cryptocurrency but there are lots of other
  6. crypto because crypto is a medium through which to earn money very easily. We have to convince people that cryptu is a good medium, that people benefit greatly from cryptu.But, you can divert them from instant profit trading coins to Long term stable coins. that way; their money won't be wasted. i .
  7. just give people when to buy/ sell with out analyze it will make them bankrupt. Take them to market and learn on the field, not easy but worth to b.And when crypto currency price will rise up then we need to sell it. .
  8. on the investment this Tobit site.The site make your first withdrawal. After successful withdrawal, you need to get screenshots of your payment proof..good domain names like .com, .net, .org. I can't invest my money on .
  9. crypto due to the fact you may alternate it. Possibly the two will come together in the destiny, Paypal might be able to be given .these are not big fees like PayPal. They are not a check. And if you have bitcoin, it grows, but PayPal does not. So vitcoin is better....
  10. about crypto which has 100+ words and try tfor per will earn 5$ with a few days around 2-3 days if you post a maximum post paid. If you try trading, its was not really good since the fund was pretty low... at first you have to post 50 comment .
  11. have come across so many exchanges but bitcoin is the lead. Does anyone to gold as a storage unit of value? Can it protect against the risk of inflation the way gold does? Let’s compare .
  12. be used at any ATM in the world. Using that card you can withdraw cash anytime you want by paying with cryptocurrencies .Actually there are 2 bitcoin ATMs in my country but i never try it. If there.
  13. five years, crypto has no future and no trust. many of crytpo coin coming and went to zero. According to the CEO of ripple, .perhaps even with cooperation with existing ones, I do not think that .
  14. would suggest $3 is enough and invest that money in Investbox or trade with other cryptos for making some more money. $5 not hard when you started to make money online. Please don't post crap or create duplicate to post 50 comment .
  15. i compere bitcoin to eth then i can say that Bitcoin is most secure coin from all blockchains currently available on market.will use this coin. Yet the number of people using ETH is high..
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