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  1. For benefit of reputation and earning increase in that no nothing. Crypto talk every time increase your reputation in crylto talk. And reputation increase your profile value
  2. I have a1 questions if i post a topic but unfortunately already someone post the topic. So this feature will help you to avoid releating topic anf receiving warning points
  3. Trading is best way to earn money on crypto world even a lerson with lot of btc invest on trading and comfortable for me which meand i have time for other thing also
  4. So my question with all respected members is that hoe to withdraw your money. Then the fees not high i remember that it was only one dollar.
  5. This is very easy, be yourselfers and answer posts that you can give your opinion on. Post good useful post and comment for crypto talk usesr for good earning
  6. I think that 4 minutes of waiting is too much to communication on the forum. And next post is sloe and more timing on this site so plaease check out this sites
  7. I also feel that there are alot of people acting as an expert on telegram. And at what time i search fot the position online it is was not unvarying truthful
  8. I think there are lost of benefit associated with posting new topics everyday and you will discuss your ideas with the members. Their exlertise on the topic we are raising
  9. Make thr first 100 post, which will changr your status. That is that what you should follows. Then apply them in actual eriting and thid will improve your writing skills
  10. We can very easily gain fame from thid forum here. When people likes your post your reputation increase. You will get it when you desrevr it so there is no need to search for ways to increase it
  11. I am new on this website, i hope i will success. Itd a great site and also a sfr one . Don't remember to engage in a bit tall as you will declare your payment there.
  12. There are two ways you can trad crypto currency, and short is also br best for invest please explain me so i can gain somr knowledge about crypto currency.
  13. You can get more folloeers by your skils and always post and new information about thr crypto currency. Their lroblem by guiding them then they will folloe you if they like
  14. I think i didn’t understand this question because i as still a new here becouse comment or post good or bad but they put bad reputation everywhere
  15. Thank you so much for posting this because i have seenthat most of the beginner. Some newbies just copy and paste everything understanding anything
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