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  1. Bitcoins was the first the most important crypto cash who was formulates, merit to all the blockchain. A greater number of vendor's select blockchain solution's to makes sure you rss feeds most of the really needs. But however, the numbers of actives bitcoins users continues to grow. In light of the limited data and the impossibility of accurately determining the numyber of bitcoins users around the world's, we can safely estimates that there's will be around 25 million user's globally.
  2. All cryptocurrencies aren't fraud, but most modern ICOs are fraud. Now they are cheating in a big style after or before the end of the ICO, you see that something like a spreadsheets has been deleted, this stream no longer exists, so many things happening in the cryptocurrency. Also I also think that some of them are just parroting what they heard or read even if they don't have such experiences, spreading gossips to makes them look like they have personal experiences in being scammed to make them look knowledgeable.
  3. Yeah the values of crypto currency's are affecting due to the movement's on the markets like the whales manipulate the value of a coins. Supreme Supply assumes a major painting's in deciding on the taken a toll of cash in view that intellectuals, the fetches of waves can't arrive at a couple of Buck's, as this may not make unacceptable developments.
  4. It's all depend on how much you and earn from cryptocurrency. How much you can takes the times and how much you put effort for earnings in cryptocurrency. If you're job daily 6 dayys a week and daily work 8-10 hoyurs. Then you can compare this with you're daily cryptocurrency earning. Being a full time trader is one type of job that has a good level of prospect's. being a trader gives us the opportunity to gain unlimited profits. so for me this is an opportunity for success.
  5. Each year's can't be the same, and this is a lessons for everyone's. I believe that this days will come to the crypto markets again, while market prices wold go up quickly again, which will bring profits to investor's. But the more bull runs the bitcoins the more people's work on it. With the comings of the new year, the BTC has increased and with this effects has spread to everyone's.
  6. I think Media considerations likewisye influences the cost of numerous coins. Prime news channels extraordinarily affect the expenses of advanced types of cash. But bitcoins fee goes up at anything's summits the media mix up clear news though harmful concentrations cultivates dread in the crypto network, causing the bitcoins investor's step their benefits. This prompts a gigantic declines in the expense of vitcoins.
  7. We're all very sure, that many countries including NK, Iran, China, manipulate the news to causes a pump and dump in crypto, why they do that if they aren't making's profits from crypto. But I think that it is fair, the markets is decentralized and volatility, so we as crypto actor's determine the possibility. if we feel we've no capital and as small player's, then it's true that we've to wait for the moves made by big player's and takes the most appropriate moments.
  8. Acctuly, I do believes that bitcoins can help improve the country's economy's. I am not directly sure to what extent, but it can helps, of course, help indirectly by providing works. With the help of l bitcoins, a person can earn money's in the form of bitcoins currency's, and then he can exchanges them for paper money's. But Since they do not have to pass through multiple hands, transaction's take place much more quickly. It also has caused concern because it is becomes harder to regulates financial activity, which has especially interesting implications on the international levels.
  9. If someone's loses their wallet because of they forgot their passwords, I think that they can still be fixed. But if for examples they store it in a hardware's wallets and the file is lost because of it's stored on the hard disk or a lost computers. By the way I've never knew that we need to keep the recovery's of seed as I thought that it was similar to PayPal or any other ordinary wallet. Once you lost the wallet it can't be recovered at any times so need to forget it.
  10. From mistakes we can learn so many things. But in cryptocurrency it is so different. You need to look up on markets. What are the currencies prices behaviour and what currency's too. By the way failures is part of growing up to learn new things in life, If you fall right now rise again tomorrow's that is life, because we did not know our destiny's but You need to focus you're goals until you get it someday.
  11. We can't really say that our data is secured because of we do not know about the website's security systems, but I think that they'll do everything's today provide us the security's service we need. Acctuly I assume that safety's is one of the maximum beneficial call's for any of the user's of any of the internet site's, so securing the informations of the customer's is the responsibility of all of them.
  12. Bitcoin investment's has turned some people's into a rich person's when they gets big profits, and those who don't have capital, there are other alternatives such as bounty campaign's and airdrops. But with the helps of bitcoins, I can now buy the thing's I want to buy without requiring my money's from my parent's. And finally, now I can pay for tuition's.
  13. You're asking for safety's. It is trusted. There's is a possibility that you'll gain or incur huge losses, however, you must study the projects well and it's underlined goal's, and who does this, if a company's has a proven record or has a bad reputations. But I wouldn't put resource's into it all that I have, on the grounds that the hazards is consistently has spots to be truly I can say that on the grounds that's the hazard is truly I can.
  14. Both cryptocurrencies and the housing markets are excellent prospect's for investments. I think that the diversifying you're investments is the best advice that was given to me. Housings means though that you should not just buy another house. By the way the best investments is to buy a house and buy bitcoins. I would recommended in any cases and that is, use loan to buy the house and the rest of the money's you invest in bitcoins.
  15. They're numerous approaches to contributes you're Crypto monetary forms ,you can attempt to put it in you're Forex exchanging and furthermore I know this organizations which is awesome and it's name is hashshiny. But by clicking on the Yobit Investbox, then they're the crypto coin's, then whatever you want to invest in, it'll be invested by clicking on the investment's options. More investments is available from other investments sites and is safer.
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