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  1. Yes just in my previous comments I hope and wish that developed country should key into it. And now developed countries are adapting it seriously is a welcome idea
  2. That is a welcome idea for country like China to introduce blockchain that means that the world is gradually going into to crypto world I just hope that majority of the developed country will key into it
  3. It all depends on the manufacturer for now I doubt if Twitter are ready to invest in crypto but am aware that Facebook has already launched Libra
  4. I don't think because Syria are going through war should be banned from using crypto currency. At list Syria is not the only country that are going through war and financial crisis so it's advice able not to banned such country
  5. Yes I remember the first time I was introduced by a friend in 2017. I did not hesitate with the little amount of money I have invested in etherium
  6. Yes am aware but I don't think they are still tipping their user anymore. I remember when they used such to tip browser.
  7. manzo

    Error Problem

    Am just seeing this for the first time. Try and check your service provider or you can change a different browser. I think is the best to change your browser try using brave and see.
  8. You are definitely right, you can not compare free from investing. Even if some exchange you are investing are not Scam they are two different things. Investing has to deal with capital while free 👌 is just little efforts you will add
  9. Of course even where you work one you are promoted you feel excited, why can't you be happy alots of my friends who are lazy when I told them about the platform they always complain that is too hard. So why can't I be happy
  10. manzo

    Yobit ICO (IEO)

    Absolutely right please when will yobit will flags it's IEO? Please inform me I can wait to invest on yobit. Am seeing I great platform. I urge you to invest in this great opportunity.
  11. Of course it's count expecailly when you post a meaningful post. So when commenting on a post just make sure your post is educative and meaningful.
  12. I think it's simple and clear from most of the comments am reading just follow the instructions you can link them together or chat the admin of the group if you are not convinced.
  13. Yes bro you are right majority of people try to join without getting proper knowledge of crypto. I think your advice will help alots of people that want to invest in Crypto business.
  14. You can say that again. It has started to be a full time job in my country, some school in my country employ people that have crypto knowledge, to manage the school account. With time people with crypto knowledge will smile in future.
  15. I don't think is advisable to post different on the same topic. It's don't make sense at all. Is like spamming the group, they are alots of topics we can comment on.
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