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  1. Thank you for this valuable topic. I was wondering about this topic. I will try to find clarification through the comments of other members. Thank you very much.
  2. It is a good idea. The topics discussed should be accessible to everyone, as well as they should be of importance, such as instructions and advice. As we see, there are people who are active in the group and know the conditions of the forum in its entirety. We hope to benefit from their experience.
  3. Yes, it is a great idea, but some friends and family members do not believe in the world of cryptocurrencies. I also did not believe this, but I joined this wonderful world thanks to my husband.
  4. Thank you for this post. The information you are trading is very important. It is a noble act to share our thoughts in this forum. We are all subject to mistakes. We must learn from our mistakes.
  5. You can store cryptocurrencies in a wallet. There are many wallets such as Blockchain and coinbase that they are the best as they are safe and I advise you to store your currencies until the price rises.
  6. All we have to do is be careful and keep our account confidential and safe by setting passwords and we should not share it with anyone because it is our key to keep our account as well as choosing sites with a good reputation.
  7. Frankly, Cryptocurrency is my first experience in this field. It is a really great experience. I don't think there are applications that compete with it. It is really cool.
  8. Thank you for this post and this valuable information because I was ignorant of this topic now I have obtained clarifications through the posts of members in the forum
  9. Yes, you are right. But to be a beginner in a particular language, this does not mean that it is frustrating, for example, we are trading English in this forum.
  10. We do not have to resort to such institutions, since we have an account in an electronic bank, we have provided everything related to our documents and information, so we can verify by ourselves and we are not obligated to rely on any other destination.
  11. Through what we are dealing in the world of cryptocurrencies, we see that there are many ways to sell bitcoin. We have to choose well so that we do not fall into fraud and fraud. As for payPal, I have no idea about it. I do not use it.
  12. Both currencies, bitcoin and ethereum, are important cryptocurrencies, and the most important thing in the crypto world, but as we see bitcoin is better than ethereum, it is not possible to compare them with bitcoin in a continuous development, as we recently heard that major companies are accepting payment in bitcoin currency.
  13. As we note daily the prices of cryptocurrencies are not stable, they rise and fall in the day several times, for example, ethereum and bitcoin, but I think that bitcoin will rise to the highest price this year, since with the beginning of the current year it reached 10,000$. Perhaps it will reach 15.000$ by the end of the year
  14. I hear a lot about this, but most of these applications are applications of fraud and fraud, so instead of winning, earning and investing, you waste your time with little benefit and cause you a loss because of fraud and fraud, I find that trading in cryptotalk is much better than all of this.
  15. Oh, it's good news. It would be nice if all the big companies, investors and the wealthy people of the world accept Bitcoin as the primary currency in which they trade. This would be a great profit for us as investors in this currency.
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