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  1. South koria is very good county to bitcoan exchange.south koria is going block its very bad news to us.
  2. I think I'll be on the line as a properly closed advertising option, as the world's currencies will keep me secrets, at least crypto can become a possibility, and lose a minute before being profitably bought as an advertisement. Thanks
  3. Yes, it seems to me that Korea truly limits all of this, so Bitcoin users are forced and compelled to do something very complicated. Bitcoin will probably be an option, but first you have to go through the complicated things. Then things won't seem complicated. Thanks
  4. I've noticed for several days, that many posts have been deleted over the past day. It is simultaneously exhausting and frustrating, trying to learn and create unique messages, but in the end, these administrators simply delete them. If it continues, it sucks. We try to share information but it is always deleted. If everyone posts with a little awareness then there will be no fear of deleting information.
  5. I think, there really can't be any coins other than Bitcoin. And I don't like currency other than Bitcoin. For me, this forum can make big gains if Bitcoins are the best currency, transactions and investments. Also the value of this currency is good and it is increasing every day. Thanks
  6. In my opinion, if you teach him to trade using cryptography and invite him to join a crypto discussion forum, nothing is lost and I think he will find a lot of information about trade, investment, as well as the world in this forum.
  7. In my opinion, crypto users can change the price of crypto. If there are big orders for sale at low prices and you want to buy them, you can do it. But I guess that's not the right thing to do.
  8. Yes, I was shocked that I could eat a lot of food as soon as I made a mistake with the wallet in the address and it made me feel embarrassed, but it didn't hurt me later, but once with me I now guard. Thanks
  9. In my opinion, this is nothing, although Bitcoins already work on many exchanges, why people just come there and start trading for money, because it is much better at Bitcoin than anything else, I think.
  10. In my opinion, a company like Samsung trying to create their own cryptocurrency is very important to take this step, and they can also use blockchain technology in some of their products they know this is a big step towards economic and technological evolution. Hope this is good for everyone.
  11. I think Yoda started trading through the Yobit Exchange ... it started a long time ago ... At first it showed good results, but it started falling again soon. I do not know why this happened. Thanks
  12. Oh sorry, I didn't earn anything last night, because I don't have enough trading now, but soon I'll start trading the Bitcoin market, because it's better for everyone, and it will be even better for me, and I'm happy with trading, crypto our future, and Everyone knows about it and I think it's a good business.
  13. Yes, I usually buy different types of crypto, such as LTC, Dodge and Ethereum coins, Bitcoin but one of the bitcoins. Because Bitcoin has a higher market value and global demand, I think it is higher than all other coins.
  14. Thanks, for the information, there are a lot of scammers today. They want to steal our money and we have to be careful and cautious when dealing with strange people. I think it will be good for everyone.
  15. In my opinion, it is no longer possible to prosper in cryptocurrency and will no longer work! Why should I do that to make me lazy? Doing Better in Real Business. Don't worry about cryptocurrency rates. Thanks.
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